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What do you know about Boise, Idaho?

Could you please tell me what you like the most and the least about Boise, Idaho? Thanks so much. Considering relocating there.

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    Boise is a delightful blend of traditional and non-traditional sights and attractions. The City of Trees boasts one-of-a-kind museums and urban parks, a river flowing through the heart of the city and a 25-mile river front greenbelt. Among the many unique sites to visit are the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center, Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, Idaho Black History Museum and the World Center for Birds of Prey. Southwest Idaho’s easily accessible outdoors beckons the Boise visitor to enjoy nearby mountains, desert sand dunes, canyons and whitewater rafting rivers. Boise is the perfect city for a memorable visit.

    Arts and Culture

    Enhance your visit and your life with our thriving arts and performance scene. Stroll through museums and galleries or attend one of many live performances offered year round.


    Dining out in Boise will certainly prove to be one of the highlights of your visit. The city has a wealth of unique, high-quality restaurants that will suit the palate and pocketbook of all visitors.

    Choose to dine in a four-star establishment offering continental cuisine, experience a number of ethnic eateries, relax in a trendy coffee house or find a great steak and potato dinner in a casual, western setting. For those who relish the warm, sunny days of spring and summer and the crisp, fragrant air of autumn, Boise has many cafes that offer sidewalk, patio or balcony seating which is generally available May through September.

    For restaurant suggestions, Boise offers a wide variety of establishments to choose from which keeps competition for your business keen. That means quality food and affordable prices - two more reasons why your stay in Idaho's capital city will leave you with pleasant memories. Bon Appetit!


    More than 4,600 rooms in over 58 different facilities are available for visitors to Boise. These accommodations range from bed and breakfast hospitality to large modern complexes with convention facilities; luxury suites and all the amenities to small, economy-minded, family-owned motels.

    All the larger facilities are in or convenient to Boise's downtown and all offer shuttle service to and from the airport. Several also offer lively night spots and excellent restaurants which are popular in their own right. You'll have no trouble finding a room in Boise to match both your tastes and your pocketbook.

    The Treasure Valley Lodging Association actively promotes tourism and you'll find that staff at local lodging facilities will be willing to answer any questions you may have.

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    Citrus, one thing to consider is Boise's lack of crime. It is one of America's safest cities for populations over 100,000. Another thing to consider is that Boise was regarded at a tech hub during the high-tech boom, for which Boise has a mostly educated, white-collar workforce despite Idaho being known for things like potatoes.

    Boise can be hot in the summer. Many highs can be 90-100 degrees. Cold in the winter but not below zero like the Midwest.

    Hope that helps.

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    I see you chose a place.... I was hoping you would choose South Carolina

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