what is the difference between tendon and ligament?

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    A tendon connects muscle to bone whereas a ligament connects bones to bones. Ligaments also hold organs in place

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    A tendon is the end of a muscle where it attaches to bone or another tendon.

    A ligament is a connective tissue that connects two other objects, usually bones. These ligaments can be either in the joint itself or just outside of the joint.

    A very few ligaments do not connect bone to bone. 2 examples are the uterine ligament and the ligament ot Treitz

    Source(s): Anatomy Prof
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    A tendon is a tissue derived from a muscle cell that connects a muscle to a bone. A ligament is the fibrous tissue that connects one bone to another. Both are meant to stabilize and hold together the structures they are attached to.

  • 1 decade ago

    tendons connect muscle to bone

    ligaments connect bone to bone to form a joint

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