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How does Thomas the Tank Engine open so I can change its battery?

My daughter received a battery-powered Thomas the Tank Engine set from her grandparents--how had taken the liberty to set it up for her so she could play with it immediately. However, they neglected to include the information on how to open Thomas to replace the battery. Any help? I don't want to break it.

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    If it's the blue one with the plastic blue track you have to squeeze the right center wheel and left center wheel. Thomas has 6 wheels so the 2 center wheels, after squeezing, will make the top portion pop off. Then you put in a size AA battery.

    That plastic blue track Thomas is my son's favorite...but really really really really hard to open. I don't have the strength in my hands to do it...my husband does it. You will feel like you're breaking it.

    Most of the other ones have a screw that opens. If the train has a coal car (henry and emily both do), you just pop the top off the coal car and use a size C battery.

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    Thomas The Train Battery Operated

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    Is it the kind that fit on the wooden track? If so, look for a screw (philips size) on the underside of Thomas near his face. The body shell should lift off. We use rechargable batteries as our train tends to be turned on and forgotten as it churns away in a corner.

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    I don't have that one but every toy I have ever set up opens on the bottom, of the train look for a small screw and a small square the look like a door unscrew the screw and remove the door if it don't work go on to the web site goggle the toy and all the info on it will come up.

    hope you get it set up.

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    Most battery toys have a compartment that has a screw to hold it in place! check the bootom of the toy!! or possibly the back

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