I have called Vonage 38 times to have them transfer my number from Sunrocket but they don't do anything, help!

Every time I call they give me a different answer. The last time I called, I was told that my issue was never even escalated and 'fell through the cracks.' All I want is for my number to be transfered. Is there anything I can do?


Make that 39 times. The person couldn't even speak English correctly that time.

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    I hate to tell you, but its a real pain in the neck.....its not Vonage problem....its SR they dont care!!! why should they....there have your money!!

    I've been thru that 3 years ago with my porting number from Bell-South..same story ....different provider.....they all suck!!!

    read this!!!

    RE: Porting difficulties for ex-SunRocket customers, I will cut/paste a section of something I found while trolling through www.sunrocketforum.com in regards to finding out who actually is the actual PSTN terminator for your particular phone number in question at the moment. Once you know this, you could try contacting that particular company yourself to try and see what the holdup is with the porting of your number. I did these steps myself to see that "Global Crossing" had my number, and I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because porting from them, early on at least, went quite quickly. Disclaimer: Please read the instructions carefully through first before going to the web page. The link is a Nextel link and basically you'll go through pretending to want to transfer your number to them. At some point in the process it will hopefully tell you who "owns" your number. At this point, you haven't signed up or done anything with Nextel that you can't just delete, so don't worry, it works. Once you know who the CLEC is then I would start contacting that company to hopefully get some more answers to what is happening with your number and the porting process. If that company is delaying the process for no good reason (what good reason could there be!!) then I would then contact the FCC to complain..... (maybe Vonage should be getting a hold of the FCC as well?) Ok, so here it is.....

    **** Example of how to find out who actually is terminating your number on the PSTN follows ****

    1. Read this entire example before clicking the link.

    2. You must start the process of moving your number before you will get the information you want. You will be able to cancel before you actually place an order.

    3. Enter the zip code where the number was originally ported from. For Example - if you lived in Chicago and ported your number to VOIP and then moved to New York and took your number with you - use your Chicago zip code.

    4. Enter the area code and phone number you wish to know about. You are trying to find out who currently terminates your number on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Then click “check eligibility”. You are checking if the number can be moved from the current PSTN terminator to the terminator used in that zip code by the phone company who's web site you are using to find out this info.

    5. When, and if, it determines you can port the number to the particular cell phone company (who's web site you are using) you can proceed. If it says it is not eligible - that means they are not eligible to terminate it - NOT, repeat NOT, that you can not port the number away from the current PSTN terminator.

    6. If you are eligible for transfer to them, then check the box next to your number and click continue. You are not committing to anything yet.

    7. This should result in a display like this: (509) 627-xxxx LEVEL 3 COMM WRLN. The: LEVEL 3 COMM WRLN is what you are interested in.

    8. Delete or Cancel your transfer request at this point. You have not yet entered enough information to allow a transfer in any case. Please do not give you name and address as part of this process.

    Please read the 8 steps immediately above before using this link:


    Hopefully this will help somehow for some of you.

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    1 decade ago

    Go to the company I use. Its Globalinx. They offer the same thing only better than Vonage. And if you sign on as a customer Globalinx will give you $10 off for your first three months. here is the website where I got mine from.


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  • joe r
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    1 decade ago

    1- VoIP is NOT REQUIRED to port a number... most will take the number, to get your business, but most will either not port the number away, or will make it very difficult to take the number when you leave...

    2- Sun Rocket is out of business... so good luck with that...

    Source(s): nyphonejacks@yahoo.com
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