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Lindsay Lohan case?

Who thinks that the scum Lindsay Lohan got off WAY too easy in her plea bargain? I do. She got 1 day in jail for possession of cocaine and reckless driving/DUI. Where I live, that would give her a minimum of 18 months in jail and 3 years of probation. Are you outraged that celebrities keep getting preferential treatment?

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    Yes, but what's more outrageous is that the news stations spends hours and hours reporting about these celebrates when there's a war going on in Iraq, or there's a hurricane in Mexico or other important stuff like that.

    Who cares about what Paris Hilton is doing?Who cares if there was a celebrity cat fight? Who cares if Britney Spears is gone wild???

    There are other things to think about, you know....

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    No, I am not surprised. It is not due to the fact she is a celebrity. The common person can also get such a sentence if the judge feels that they are not a harm to society,. Did you notice the 3 years probation? If she screws up, that turns to jail time. You better read all that is entailed in her sentencing, she did not "get off easy". I personally do think she knows how destructive her behavior is and how lucky she did not hurt another person in the process.

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    I do! I think it's crap that these celebrities get off way to easy. They'll all be a mental case forever! It's ridulous, they treat rehad like it's a new trend!

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    Will you guys pleeeeeaaase stop obsessing about Lindsay Lohan?? There are more important things in the world you know? If I have to read her name here one more time....

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    No kidding it ain't right, not to mention how can someone have so much and not even care and just throw her life away? i don't understand it.

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    it is unfair to the regular ppls

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