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關於飛機在Flight Sim Pushback問題

1 - Pushback (Shift+P [+1(轉左) / +2(轉右)]) 轉向唔知幾時噤 噤完之後要等一陣先識轉 禁我想問應該幾時噤 1 / 2

2 - 係真實世界入面 Pushback多數都有拖車推架機出黎 好少用反推(因為驚整到前面嘅Building + Airbridge 同傷到工作人員 如果架機唔係用jet engines 係gate開唔開得反推Pushback

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    1-Pushback (Shift+P [+1(轉左) / +2(轉右)]) , This usually take a bit experience and practice. Usually I'll go to exterior view do push back. Depends on the designer (for Project opensky, Meljet), some turns a bit longer, and some other are sooner.

    So, I would usually just "Shift+P" for the aircraft to push back straight out. Then when the aircraft is closer to the taxiway. I press "Shift+P" again to stop, then immediately press "Shift+P [+1(轉左) / +2(轉右)]". That should do the push back on the taxiway you want.

    2-In real world, reverse thrust seldomly be used for the push back. This is typically called "power back". Only a certain aircraft can do this without obstacles flying around and injure ground crews. Such as the DC-9. You can see plenty of these doing power back from Northwest airlines. But this can only be done in a safe manner. And also due to additional wear and tear to the engine, most airline prefer a tug for push back.

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