Can someone explain how to collect NY State sales tax for online sales and then report and pay the tax to NY?

How hard is it to figure out what is owed, since NY has different rates for different counties. Also, how hard is it to file and pay? I don't expect to have a lot of NY sales, since I will be just starting an online retail business.

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    1 decade ago
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    It is actually very easy to pay. If your business is located in NY and you only collect sales tax in Ny, then the first step is to fill out a DTF-17. You can get this off of the NY department of revenue website, or just google it. After you are registered, there is a phone number on the form that you can all and they will tell you how to file your sales tax online. Depending on how much sales tax you collect a month, you may only have to file on a quarterly basis. But first things first, fill out a DTF-17

    Source(s): Accountant with clients who pay NY Sales Tax
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