Will Hillary go down after the primaries?

I am not a conservative. And in fact I think she leans a little to far to the mid-right. I want Obama to unseat her. He is a fresh face, full of energy, has a real shot to win against somebody like McCain, or even Mitt Romney, and he's tough on issues, whereas Hillary just kind of Panders around questions with mitigating answers, trying to please bith sides of the aisle. I like John Edwards too, but I don't think he's presidential material in 08'.

Enjoy debating.

Oh, and for the people that wanna spew out racial hatred, and nonsensical, Bush-Fox News-9-11 brainwashed political theory, nobody listens to you anyway, so don't bother answering

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    Remember all of those 'old' Clinton-era scandals? Well, now that Hillary Clinton is a candidate for President of the United States, what’s old is new. These scandals are more than relevant as the American people decide just what kind of president Hillary Clinton will make. Judicial Watch, of course, neither supports nor opposes candidates for public office. Hillary is free to run for president. But Americans are free to ask the tough questions and to hold her to account for her past crimes and ethical transgressions.

    Ten (plus) Unanswered Questions for Hillary

    Ten (plus) Unanswered Questions for Hillary

    So, with that said, if I were to be granted an interview (admittedly most unlikely), here are the ten (plus) questions I would ask:

    1. Who in the Clinton administration devised the plan to sell taxpayer-financed trade missions in exchange for campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore 1996 re-election campaign? (Sworn testimony from Nolanda Hill, partner and confidante of the late Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, points to you as mastermind of the scheme.)

    2. Why did you give “factually false” testimony under oath in the investigation of the White House Travel Office firings, as former Independent Counsel Robert Ray stated in his final report. (Ray said his office found "overwhelming evidence" you played a role in the dismissals of the seven longtime employees in the White House travel office, which you denied under oath.)

    3. Who hired former bar bouncer Craig Livingstone and ordered him to illegally obtain for the Clinton administration the FBI files of former staffers in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush? (Sworn testimony and at least one FBI document shows you hired Livingstone.)

    4. Why did you fail to report more than $2 million in contributions to your Senate 2000 campaign? (Testimony from the criminal investigation and trial of your National Finance Director, David Rosen, shows you knew the total costs of the fundraiser, yet failed to accurately report them.)

    5. Your brothers Anthony and Hugh Rodham allegedly brokered cash deals to obtain presidential pardons from your husband on behalf of convicted criminals. Were you aware they were each paid large sums to obtain these pardons? Did you play any role in any of the 140 presidential pardons provided by Bill Clinton in the waning days of his administration, bypassing the normal pardon review process? How about the pardons of the Puerto Rican terrorists in the run-up to your first Senate campaign? Did you have any input on those?

    6. Did you or your lawyers hire private detectives to investigate and intimidate critics of the Clinton administration?

    7. What did you instruct James Carville and George Stephanopoulos to say in order to discredit and defame Gennifer Flowers, a woman with whom your husband had an affair? (Evidence suggests they smeared her at your behest.) Did you play any role in smearing and defaming other women sexually and otherwise abused by your husband, including, but not limited to: Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle Browning, and Juanita Broaddrick?

    8. Records from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange reveal that you turned a $1,000 investment in cattle futures in 1978 into to more than $100,000.00 in ten months… a return of 10,000%. How did you earn such an astronomical, and unbelievable, return on this investment?

    9. How much money does Bill Clinton earn from his relationship with Ron Burkle, a contributor to your Senate campaigns, and Burkle’s company, Yucaipa? Are these funds currently available in bank accounts to which you have access? Will you use these funds for your campaign? How about Bill’s speaking fees, some paid for by foreign interests and governments – what are the financial benefits to you?

    10. How do you explain the mysterious disappearance of your Whitewater billing records from the office of Vince Foster, the former Rose Law Firm partner and Clinton White House counsel who allegedly committed suicide in 1993? How do you explain the mysterious reappearance of those same records in the White House with your fingerprints on them?

    Stopping at ten questions is hard to do. I want to ask about her illegal White House fundraising coffees, doing business with the state of Arkansas while her husband was governor, Web Hubbell, John Huang, Chinese generals, the Lippo Group, and paid sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom.

    Will timid Republicans, cowering competitors for the Democratic nomination, or a liberal media ask any of these questions? I doubt it. These questions are important and relevant, and we deserve some honest answers. Perhaps the American people can have a conversation with her about them?

    Tom Fitton is President of Judicial Watch, a nonpartisan educational foundation that fights government corruption. Visit www.judicialwatch.org for more information.

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    I think Hillary will have a tough time if she were to win the primaries. I like Obama and Edwards more than her, but I think Edwards should focus on his family, especially with his wife re-battling cancer. The real stepping stones for Hillary will revolve around issues of religious faith and family, how to not be over bearing, trust, and national security.

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    properly, in case you seen it as an smart, rational decision maker, you're able to comprehend that an reported voters advantages from having applicants attack and debate one yet another. it is the technique used to establish which candidate is actual the excellent one to steer our u . s . a ., as destructive to easily having everyone rally like a zombie in the back of whoever the mainstream media has desperate is the front runner. you do no longer want a microscope to locate a great form of flaws in Clinton. She is a Neo-con on Democrat drag.

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    I think she'll have an easier time winning the primary than the election. For an election, she's got such a bad rep that I would be surprised if she were to even win New York.

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    Sorry, I don't agree with the theory that Sen. Clinton is a panderer or is trying to please both sides of the aisle. And if you want Obama to get the best of her, he's going to need to do something about exposing his inexperience in the debates. Three months ago he was 5 points behind her, now he's 20 points back, and that's due directly to the debates and his naive comments about Pakistan and the Middle East. I like him, I think he's a good man. But he just isn't seasoned enough to head up this country, and more and more people are starting to get that uncomfortable feeling about him as well. I've talked to many folks who were all for Obama and have changed their minds to supporting Sen. Clinton after the last couple of weeks. What one of them said to me was that after Clinton "spanked" Obama in the debate over Pakistan he just had to face the fact that Obama isn't ready.

    I know that Sen. Clinton can win this election, no matter what Bush's Brain says, and she's likely to be the nominee. She may go for Obama as VP. A lot of Democrats see that as the Dream Team ticket.

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    I sure hope so, she's as phony as a $3 bill. But you have to remember, we have the intelligent percentage of people that will say, "its time for a women." No, that's a stupid reason to vote for someone, but how do you fight that kind of intelligence.

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe she will; she's quite ambitious. Monica Lewinsky did and became quite popular as a result.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't see anyone with enough momentum to beat her. Obama is young and he'll be back. Gore or Edwards will be Hillary's running mate.

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    1 decade ago

    No, that's why Bill goes for women like Monica.

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    Doubt it. Michigan is now the second primary and I'm voting for her!

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