Science Against God?

in the bible it says about adam and eve being the first 2 people on earth... but yet in science my teacher said over millions of years little organisms were made... then evolution happened.. and now were here... is evolution against the bible and god?

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  • Tim 47
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    1 decade ago
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    science has been playing catch-up to the Bible for 1000's of years. While most large civilizations were dying of disease by reason of their lack of knowledge about hygiene, Bible followers were protected by the only recently (less than 110 years) scientific discovery of micro-organisms that cause fatal illness.

    Yes, Bible believers knew millenia before science to bury the fecal waste. The theory of evolution has never answered the huge gap of intelligence between humans and all other animals.

    While much of science has found the reason for why many things work, the logic of the pursuit of life by chance is quite astonishingly circular. How so? The only reason that any scientist continues to pursue this one track endeavor is by means of their base belief that it "had to be accidental" because there can not be a creator. This is quite strange to many people because, they are so determined to prove that chance is the creator.

    Yes, it is very likely that science saying that there were life forms millions of years ago is true. This is in harmony with the Bible. The Bible record clearly says that in the figurative 'days' of creation, that all other life forms were created by man.

    And while many of us know and do not argue that life will adapt to the environment where they come to live, we also know that there is no evidence of any animal, ever changing into anything, but an adapted version of that animal family.

    We see this in the deliberate breeding of dogs. Humans have been intentionally breeding dogs for certain characteristics since the dawn of written history, yet by all their deliberate intervention, we still have nothing but a dog.

    Also, what it really quite amazing, is that written history, started, form the point of the Bible's claims of human creation.

    With absolutely no interim of a 'developing' of writing, it seems quite odd that people will continue to believe in the theory of humans evolving from lower lifeforms.

    Evolution, as I was taught was survival of the fittest. Meaning, only animals with strong survival skills, continued down the evolutionary chain.

    Yet we humans have within our makeup, so much beyond what is necessary for our survival. Music, invention, Art, all are unnecessary for our survival, yet we pursue these and other activities that defy evolution.

    I think that as we go along, science, is really going to go full circle and arrive at the truth. That life was created.

    You know, the real reason for the upsurge in those that submit to evolution, is in fact a result of persistant conditioning.

    Just as the person of false religion has become enslaved to his delusion, so it goes with any person who has allowed themself to be over awed by another's domination.

    Just to make an off topic analogy, today in the US, the population is being conditioned to accept nationalized healthcare. The politicians are using their favorite propaganda tool. Children. They are persistantly repeating the mantra, that every child has the 'right' to medical insurance. And once the polls show that they have succeeded in their training of the public, they will then stage the vote, and foist upon the American People, the biggest fleecing of the taxpayers since the Social Security Act.

  • Jess H
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    1 decade ago

    No, it's not. There are some people that try to make it seem that way, but it's not AGAINST the Bible. Some people see the story of Adam and Eve as a parable, as many stories in the Bible are. Some people take it literally.

    Evidence backs up the theory of evolution. Nothing backs up the story of Adam and Eve.

  • 1 decade ago

    no, science is not against the bible or god. however, science does not assume that the bible is true. some people seem to have trouble with this distinction, but what it means is that if the bible were actually true as history and science, there would be no problem. science would discover that the bible had it right. this is not what has happened, though. the literal interpretation of the bible is wrong, adam and eve never existed. some people choose to interpret it as a metaphor, which is irrelevant to science.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. Evolution is evolution, just as religion is religion. Science explains some things definitivelly while on the other hand theorizes and speculates on other things and does not care what religions think, they try to go by FACTS and EVIDENCE. Religion pretty much does the same thing, with one exception. It denouces science and evolution as being flawed, and it's holy words as TRUTH whether it is or not. The Lord in heaven cares about NEITHER for he is who he is, regardless of all the retardations in mankind's vain nature to assume the position that it knows EVERYTHING, of which it never WILL whether any of the explainations come from science OR religion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Evolution doesn't give a rat's azz about religion, the bible and god.

    When Darwin suggested the Theory of Evolution, he was proposing by reason, how we evolved to become who we are.

    His purpose wasn't to discredit, religion, the bible or god. The fact that it was taken that way by the religious community was their problem.

    What he was proposing was "science".... science has no agenda against god, it just is.

    By the way it is the same "science" that religious people are so keen on using, when curing viruses with new vaccines and understanding how a new virus comes about and mutates. They have no problem with it then.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, and your science teacher is right. Don't let these religious nuts brainwash you into believing otherwise.


    foxtrot is feeding you lies. Science supports Christianity as much as it supports Harry Potter. Religion is for the ignorant. Most scientists are atheists, only a few are Christian, and I don't even consider them scientists. The whole point of science is finding the truth, not supporting a 2000 year old book based on myths and fairy tales. Most educated people consider evolution a fact.

  • 1 decade ago

    Evolution simply makes god unnecessary; it doesn't directly oppose the god idea but does make it obvious that the creation myth is at best a simplified invention like the rest of them (you are aware that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of creation stories, all different?)

    The more you know, the more you'll realize the bible is just stories told to scare and control people. Do you want to be controlled?

  • khard
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    1 decade ago

    Science isn't for or against any of the supernatural. It is SEPARATE. If you believe that each species was created out of nothing, then it does go against that belief. Just like if you believe God is blowing everything toward earth, most scientists would have to disagree and call that gravity. It is best to keep religion out of things that can be explained naturally, for setbacks to science are only halting our potential knowledge.

  • Jim L
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    1 decade ago

    Evolution contradicts a literal interpretation of the Bible. But so does astronomy and basic physics.

    The problem with religion is that it resists adapting to new evidence. If you want to believe in God, go for it. But be honest with yourself, and be willing to admit that the Bible was written by men. If they were divinely inspired by God, it is clear that God did not reveal to them knowledge about the universe and the history of life that was beyond their ability to comprehend.

  • ronbo
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    1 decade ago

    ABSOLUTLEY YES bible and evolution are at war with each is lying.either you came from goo or GOD created personally evolution is a crock.ask your teacher,were did the matter come from to create do you get dead matter to become science in the history of the world can create life from dead matter.they try and try but fail and fail.and even if they did create life from dead matter,this would be against evolution.they are controlling the experiment,with temp,ingredients,controlled enviroment etc...these is not how it is or was in the real world.evolution is chance and see for evolution to be true you just have to put some dead matter outside somewere and with enough time and chances it will become alive.put a rock in a field and come back in 2 billion years!!! magic you have a fish,or dog,or whatever alive.i say it's a bunch of b.s.

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