French help? Expressions de temps? (Il y a, depuis, pendant)?

Can somebody explain what is the difference between il y a, depuis and pendant? I've been trying to solve some exercises but I can't fully understand the difference.

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    Il y a is roughly the equivalent of "ago". Il y a deux ans, j’ai fait un cours d’anglais. "Two years ago, I attended an English course."

    Depuis means "since". It is a construction found too in the Celtic languages. J'habite ici depuis deux ans. "I have been living here for two years" - literally "I am here since two years".

    Pendant means "during". J’ai habité en France pendant deux ans. "I lived in France for two years." Je vais étudier l'anglais pendant les vacances. "I am going to study English during (or over) the holidays."

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    il y a = ago

    Example: my dog died 2 years ago

    depuis= since

    Example: since 2 years, I think of my dog everyday

    pendant= during

    Example: during 1 year, I cried everyday

  • Il y a means "there is." Depuis means "since." Pendant means "during."

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    "Il y a", as in the sentence "Il y a deux heures" means "ago".

    So, "Il y a deux heures" means "Two hours ago".

    "Il y a", as in the sentece, "Il y a un chien sous la table" means "there is".

    So, "Il y a un chien sous la table" means "There is a dog under the table".

    "Depuis", as in in the sentence, "Depuis trois heures" means "since".

    So, "Depuis trois heures" means "Since 3 o'clock".

    "Pendant", as in the sentence, "Pendant la journée" means "during".

    So, "Pendant la journée" means "During the day".

    Source(s): Known French for 12 years, am certified bilingual.
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