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What are some tips to make a tattoo less painful?

I'm considering getting my first tattoo on my upper chest and was wondering if anyone had any tips that helped them lessen the pain. Has anyone tried taking painkillers, did that help?

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    I work in a tattoo studio so please listen when I tell you, don't take anything.

    The suggestion to put something topical on will not help since a tattoo needle goes into the skin and they will thoroughly clean the area first anyway. You don't want that stuff in your blood-stream, talk about an infection! Pain killers and alcohol thin the blood and make the experience worse. And, any reputable tattoo artist will refuse to work on you if they sense you have taken anything. It makes the tattoo come out worse and any real artist would not risk their reputatation.

    Getting a tattoo is not so painful unless it's on the bone. If you really want one don't you want to actually experience it?

    Plus, the soreness after is worse than the dull pain of the actual tattoo.

    Trust me, go to a good, clean place and talk to the artist. They may be intimidating, but they are there to make you happy so explain and I assure you they will have plenty of suggestions and will put your mind at ease.

    And, when it's done, you can say, "I kick ***!"

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    Less Painful Tattoo

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    Make sure you are comfortable before your appointment. Don't drink or take any other substances. Have a good night's sleep and eat a good meal before you turn up for your appointment. Your artist should be able to take care of the rest. The tattoo is just a minor irritation, not the type of pain that most first timers tend to expect. Well, worst comes to the worse, and if you happen to be the type that will scream the house down upon being pinched, your artist should be able to help you boost up your bloood sugar level to lessen the pain, or in worst cases, even use a topical painkiller.

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    The only tattoos that do not hurt come out of cracker jacks boxes and vending machines. If you want the art take the pain that comes with it. most people think it will hurt worse than it does and leave happy that "it didn't really hurt that bad"

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    when i got out of the Navy, i got a tattoo on my chest, it felt like some one was using a jack hammer on me,.....don't think there would be anyway to stop the pain, it hurt,.....

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    Um...I think if you get them in the fattest parts of your body, they wont hurt as much.

    Good luck..

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    I dont know if it will work, but have you considered putting on some type of solution that is used when you have a tooth-ache? I know that when i was little, I would go to the nurse when my tooth hurt, and she'd give me this stuff that worked really well -- unfortunatly, my toung would sometimes go numb. :) , but i always figured that it would keep your skin numb and stuff. After that -- pop those pain killers. lol...

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    meditate. i know it sounds corney, but if you can seperate your mind from whats going on around you, you wont feel it....i did it when i got tatted and when i had both my kids. it works.

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    I have one on my chest and it really didnt hurt that bad... you can do it :)

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    The pain is over-rated.

    Once the needle hits your skin your brain will start to produce endorphins to counteract the pain. You will find that its not that bad and might even enjoy it. Seriously ..

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