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why wont my yahoo video player play the videos?

can someone please tell me why my yahoo video player wont play the videos. i've tried everything. i've changed the speed in my wmp10, i've changed the speed in the yahoo video player, i've changed the acceleration in wmp, i've downloaded flash player and "java". i've dissabled my norton and my pop up blocker, and i've added yahoo videos to my "allow" list. nothing works, the yahoo video player launches along with the video lineup just fine but the videos wont play. videos play on all other sites except yahoo.could someone please help(in laymans terms-not computer savy). thanks for any help. oh, i'm on windowsxp, internet explorer6(cant get ie7 or wmp11) thanks again.

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    The Yahoo! video player is a combination of technologies. The system is designed to playback a number of video formats including flash video, windows media and quicktime. The specific content you are trying to access would make a difference.

    If this is just a problem that you are running in to one day, you might want to try back. If it is a more constant problem, you should contact Yahoo! customer service.

    If you are having the issue for videos played on Yahoo! Movies, you could send in the issue at :

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    I had the same problem with youtube. I reinstalled the browser and fixed the problem. I did notice that you can't get IE7, are you able to install Firefox? If so that may help you track down the problem if Yahoo works in Firefox then it just might be a browser issue.

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    ok merely forget approximately related to the virus reaction, you prob want an lively x controler thats what the video clips use on youtube to play them its a loose get carry of you are able to the two get one off of microsofts website or any the place else on google, if that doesnt restoration the topic, attempt to play it from the hyperlink interior the field to the suited of the video and get carry of it to your guy or woman workstation and then attempt to play it with domicile windows media participant merely genuine click on it and click open with.. domicile windows media participant, if u have already got an lively x controller put in on your workstation try uninstalling and re setting up, solid success

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