Why does it hrt so bad?

Im still in love with my ex, last week he said he loved me an wants to be with me still, but isnt sure it will work out. Well yesterday I found out he was talking to another girl an even traveling 45 minutes to see her. I mean last week we made out, an I dint even know he was with this girl. He claim that they dont date. yesterday he told me to never come back to his house an his mom said why dont you let go an move on he's talking to someone already. I told her he said he loves me an wants to be with me, an she asked him an he said he does, then she told me I need to leave. that he didnt tell me to leave she was putting him out.


It hurst so bad knowing he's with her an not me, Ive know him almost 2 years an gave him my virginity. An guess what this girl is a virgin he told me. should I call his house an try to talk to him? He has a piece of me I can never get back

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    First take a breath and realize that he's a momma's boy who has no business taking your virginity when he still lives at home.(can't take care of himself, can't take care of you-what if you got pregnant) Second, he's a liar and a loser and don't be following THAT around. Third, he's trying to play you AGAIN, and play her, and his momma all at once-PLEASE!!!

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    Bad news for you is that you dated a scumbag..good news is that hes someone elses problem now.

    I hate to be the one to tell you but he said what he had to get what he wanted when you made out.

    This new girl is a challenge and hes out to take her virginity too. I know it hurts. People (more women than men) develop really really tight bonds to the person they lost their virginity to most of the time. Theres nothing you can do about it but learn from it. If its ment to be he will come back. I get the feeling that you are pretty young. it sounds impossible but you are resillient you will bounce back. People are made that way. If we didnt..youd still be crying over your first skinned knee or the first friend that moved away. Hang in there girl.

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    You broke up for a reason in the first place , don't forget what happened because it will probably happen again. It sounds like he is trying to move on and you should do the same . It will hurt for a while and then you will meet someone and it will get better but if its meant to be in the future then it will be, but in the meantime you have to let go.

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    You may not be able to get that piece of you back, but that doesnt mean you dont deserve more. You still deserve to be with someone who truly loves you and only you, so I think you should move on. There are guys out there who will respect you enough to stay away from other girls. not just pretend they dont mean anything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's playing head games with you. Time to move on. Unfortunately it's time to accept that heartbreak is a part of life. You'll feel better in a few months, I swear.

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    Lady its over go and find a new man. He wants you only for sex and by letting him you think he still loves you. Let there world your available and they will come in herds.

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    i think you should just forget about him and find a guy tht will treat you lik you deserve he's playing with your feelings and you should ever hev to deal with tht either he liks you or he doesnt he cant jus say he loves you and not go out with you but still makeout and see other girls if he really does lik you he wouldnt be doing this

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    It happens. Just move on. If you go back, he'll probably break your heart even worse. There are way better guys out there, trust me.

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    love is the most powerful force on the earth. when some body steps on our feelings it does hurt. but with time we get better. and a new love will come along.

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    Drop him.

    Don't have sex with a guy that is not going to marry you.

    Sex makes most women more attached and it hurts so much worse when we break up.

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