innocent insects???

ok i'm a vegetarian and i get a lot of house pests such as spiders, moths etc. i don't know any tricks to catch them so i end up vacuuming them up or accidently hurting them where i am scared of them i don't pick them up properly. so because they are damaged i kill them quickly to end their suffering.

any suggestions on saving the poor souls and setting them free safely???


go avs: i love the creatures and humans but i'm not a mad eco warrior lol!

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    I usually don't bother about small spiders, and they don't seem to bother about me and keep out of my way.

    Insects which get trapped on the inside of a window are most easily caught if you have a clear glass or jar. They usually ignore it pretty much if it is clear. You can put it over them against the glass. Then slide a piece of paper between the window glass and your container and you safely caught whatever critter and you can release it outside.

    Mosquitoes and some plant pests are the only insects I knowingly kill. As long as they don't "bug" me, I think they have just as much right to live as me.

    But I don't go that far sweeping in front of where I walk...

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    Uhhh, they are only insects. There are billions of them. Killing a few, or even a few million, won't matter. Your life must be pretty easy if you can actually take the time to worry about insects. Also, what does being vegetarian have to do with anything? So you don't eat the insects so it is not okay to kill them? If you are that worried about it, become a Jain. You may also want to consider not driving a car as we all know how many "innocent" bugs end up splattered on the windshield.

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    if you set out moth balls around the out side of you house they won't even come in problem solved no harm no foul

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