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Can you help me with some questions please?

These deal with The Planting of English America, 1500-1733.

I need a word or words that mean these questions

Forrunner of the modern corporation that enabled investors to pool financial capital for colonial ventures?

The harsh system of laws governing African labor, first developed in Barbados and later offcially adopted by South Carolina in 1696?

Powerful Indian confederation that domiated New Yprk and the eastern Great Lakes area; compromised of several people (not the algonquians)

Term for a colony under direct control of the English king or queen

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    I can only answer part of your question.

    The forerunner of the modern corp. was a group like the Hudson Bay Company and the Dutch East Indies Company, which financed explorations, and reaped profits from the items they could export from the foreign country and sell.

    The powerful Indian confed. was probably the Seneca, also called the 7 Nations.

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    do you have a history book? they'd all be right there. Or even just typing these phrases into google search would give you correct answers on the first hit. I'll give you Royal Colonies(the last one), but you can find the others.

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