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The word "*****"?

What is your reaction to this word, both males and females?

"Obviously the word "*****" is not only being used by young America but by people of all types. It is being freely used in television programs, on the radio and in publications. Even though the Federal Communications Commission does have “decency” standards regulating what can be broadcast – indecent material must not be aired from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. when it is likely that children may be watching, and obscene and profane material must never be aired – derogatory language that targets women isn’t filtered out. The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as “language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities.” But apparently, the b word is not considered “offensive as measured by contemporary community standards.”


"We cannot overlook the women who call each other and themselves the b word. These women fall into two categories: those who accept the misogynistic definition of the word, and those who attempt to redefine it. "

"Musician and producer O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson stated in the documentary “The N Word” directed by Todd Williams, “If someone calls me a ‘*****’, I’m so used to the word that it won’t phase me. I won’t want to kill them or anything. But if somebody calls me a ‘*****’, then we have a serious problem.” For Ice Cube and many other men, being called a “*****” puts into question the validity of their manhood. If indeed men rail against the word when it is directed toward them, what does it mean to these men when they direct it toward women?"

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    Interesting. Have you read The B-itch Manifesto? I'm sure it's somewhere on the's fairly old now. Anyway, my reaction to the word is always negative. I can't stand women who call each other that. I think it bugs me more than when men say it. I understand the move to embrace and take back the term...that's been going on for a while, but I, personally, don't want it and wouldn't claim it no matter the political agenda behind it.

    More interesting to me is the term being applied to men. It is always that anything about women applied to men is insulting. Call a guy: a girl, a p-ussy, a b-itch, a *****, or anything like that is an instant insult. Those terms emasculate men. B-itch is apparently the worst because it also implies being gay, as in "he's my b-itch" said by another man--and most men don't like that connection. I don't like the word, but I don't think it's going anywhere. Young girls seem to be the worst for using it. I don't know why, but it would be nice if they thought better of themselves.

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    You know the funny thing is what happened when I actually started thinking about this. If someone I don't know, or don't like calls me a *****, then honestly, I don't care because their opinion of me doesn't matter. If my husband or someone I am close to uses it, I get upset that they would think it is necessary. And then again, I use it and claim to be proud to be one some days. I suppose it depends on the mood & circumstance; although it shouldn't. Just like the n* word shouldn't be used period until people can start to respect each other and not use such terms in a derogatory manner.

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    Well a man portrays being a women as weak and I'm not sure how or if ever that will change. It's redicluas as we bare children and men are ready to cry when they have a cold. I don't find the b-word offensive anymore, just because I rather be that than "just a girl". I'm in management in a blue-collar enviroment and am often ignored until people start refering to me as the b****. So, I should be offfended, but just greatful people stop treating me like a "girl". The men are all respected from day one just because the have "managment" in thier title, but I always have to prove myself and wait for everyone to hate me.

    My question is why do women have to be b**** and men are just considered confident and leadership material?

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    I hate that word! There are worse words to be called as a women, but it really gets under my skin. I think we both know there are some women are a plan nasty rude women and then can own that titled. But it's used like water now. It's very disrespectful. Allowing to be used freely on the streets,TV, movies and music are saying it's okay to our younger generations. Some women take pride in being called such a name, I know I don't want my daughter to think it's okay. Some people have blinders on though, as bad as the b word is, so are the TV shows and movies that degrade women. You either see women degrading there body's or slaving in the kitchen for there man because it's there "duties"

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    This is freedom of speech. We butcher the English language in many ways. Bi tch is a female dog. But we like to use in ways we want to. This word has so many different meanings. frequently used as an offensive term for a woman, taken to mean that she is malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, or unpleasant. Or women who are strong-minded, assertive, and in Total Control. When used to describe a male, it confers the meaning of "subordinate", especially to another male (as in prison). Recent variants of ***** are bitchy, ill-tempered (1925), and to *****, to complain (1930). (wikipedia)

    Truth is subjective! Just cause it offends one, doesnt mean it will offend another. All depends on how its said, and how its taken.

    I agree that the word is used to much on TV & in music. Even childrens shows use words that are not good. Everyone also has the freedom to turn off the TV. I dont want to complain to the FCC or government to 'make it all better' cause then all of our freedoms start to be taken away. I like America! I also want to keep all my freedoms I enjoy here, so we all need to stop telling others that something is not right just cause we dont like it. Who are we to say someone should or shouldnt be offended by something? What is next? Perhaps we should be offering a class for all parents, so they know how to raise more respectfull children! (in more aspects than just derogatory language).

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    If you cannot call a woman a *****, then you cannot call a man a dog.

    In that sense, referring to a woman as a ***** is probably derived from calling men dogs and wolves (probably the origin of the 'wolf whistle). If that isn't historical equality, I don't know what is.

    And how come every sit-com leading man is a buffoon!? We are being unfairly represented in the media, and I am outraged! Okay, I'm not, since sit coms are parody. After all, I'm a yahoo, just like the rest of you, and we know what Jonathan Swift thinks of them, eh?

    Could it be that men and women are equal, especially in the way we blame all our problems on the other gender, when gender issues are really just our way of being intolerant of our own failings, just in the other gender?

    I just noticed, in reviewing my post, that '*****,' is censored, while dog is not. How's that for strength in the women's movement? After all, is it not custom not to use foul language in front of women because they are too delicate of sensibility? In that light, the status of ***** as a curse word seems to come directly as a result of women perpetuating the stereotype that they are overly sensitive, or emotionally fragile. Okay, so I'm just baiting you, there, but you must admit that it starts to look a little silly, no?

    Of 'cow' and 'bull,' should we censor cow because it is often used to insult women? I mean, seriously, where is the line? How 'equal' does a woman have to be before she can take name calling?

    I don't hear the word on broadcast TV, at all, thank you very much, only on cable. You aren't watching BET, by any chance, are you?

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    Ever watch the movie 'Vacancy'? Luke Wilson refers to Kate Beckinsales charactor as bitchy. It is all over but I've heard guys being called bitches too. Basically the whole idea of the word ***** to me is a person that is impossible to deal with that has a lot of harsh attitude. To me females do that a lot more than males. Its usually directed to males and that is the most common way to put that attitude. Nobody said it was right, but no word needs to be socially acceptable. My wife puts it, 'sometimes I might be a ***** but sometimes you can be an asshole'. It's just name calling after all.

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    For me it depends on who is saying it! When my friends call me *****, I'm not offended at all cuz I know they are either joking or using it as a friendly term! Like saying "thats my *****". But if some random stranger calls me a *****, then I am going to take it as an insult.

    P.s. the word ***** is in the technically they are allowed to use it on Television because a child can just as easily look it up!

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    These type words, I even hate to use and hate to hear but people use it and I am not able to stop them. If it was spoken in a jokey or in a funny moode then it's all right but sometime it is very bad.

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