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In college football, how do you score only 1 point without first scoring a touchdown?

There was a game couple years ago where a team scored 1 point w/o first scoring a touchdown. I forgot what the rule was for that. Anyone remember the game and the rule? Does it exist for the NFL as well?


I'm seeing a lot of people saying that it is impossible. I'm not senile...yet. I remember this happening. I thought it was impossible too, but not a whole lot of people are aware of this rule. It is VERY rare, but it DID happen.

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    Make the extra point but miss the touchdown.

    But really-

    AUSTIN, Texas - No. 6 Texas scored a rare 1-point safety early in the third quarter of Friday’s game against rival Texas A&M.

    Longhorns defensive back Michael Griffin returned a blocked punt 10 yards for a touchdown, setting up what would have been the game-tying extra point kick.

    But Texas holder Matt Nordgren dropped the snap, Dusty Mangum kicked the ball into the line and it rolled away just shy of the goal line. In the ensuing scramble for the football, officials ruled that A&M had gained possession of the ball then fumbled it into the end zone.

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    A&M safety Jaxson Appel recovered the fumble just before several Texas defenders pounced on him.

    Game officials conferred for about a minute before ruling that the Longhorns would get a point for downing Appel in the end zone. The mostly orange-clad crowd of 83,891 exploded into cheers once the scoreboard recorded the point, tying the game at 13-all.

    The initial impetus rule is listed under Rule 8, Section 3, Article 2, in the NCAA football rulebook.

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    My only guess would be that you may have been able to do that in the NFL only before they made the rule change allowing two point conversions, if you blocked a point after and ran it back.

    I was assuming your memory is correct. I don't think I ever heard of that happening, and I always thought a blocked point after was simply no good and couldn't lead to a defensive score.

    Can't say this couldn't happen, there are some wierd rules that don't come up often--I had four football fans googling 'free kick field goal' when I told them you could kick a field goal after a fair catch kick-off style with the defense ten yards away.

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    I know you can score two points in college by returning a blocked conversion attempt, but I'm not sure about the single point.

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    Actually it is possible.. if a game gets suspended and later gets forfeited the score is 1-0. So to answer your question YES you can score 1 point

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    A return by the Defense on an extra point or two point conversion attempt that the defender with ball ball runs it all the way back to the other endzone. You used to have to punt the football through the uprights to get the single point.

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    lsuballs that was funny

    but to answer your question you can't thats impossible

    if there were a forefit they may but it in the books as 1-0 or 2-0 but you can't score just one point.

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    though that happened in the UT vs A&M game, as in an extra point, it is impossible to have a score of 1 in football.

    Source(s): search your rule book...i'm right
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    in canadian football, a punt into the endzone is worth one point, but i don't think it is possible in college football.

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    LSU You are my hero!

    I'd never heard of this before! :)

    Questioner: He is absolutely correct and deserves the 10

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    You have Reggie Bush shove your quaterback into the end Zone which is illegal making the thouchdown void and then kick the extra point. Ha Ha.

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