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Does Mitt Romney look like a cultist to you? I DONT THINK SO?

He has the most solid career out of any, and there is absolutely nothing strange about him. Why do people continue to think he's a cultist, and call him an un-christian? He belongs to THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. as in JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth! They read the Bible, they believe in God, Jesus Christ, they have the 2nd to best world relief effort, and the President of the mormons has been given the Presidential Medal of Freedom from The United States Government, the highest award a civilian can get! They established the state of Utah, they settled and built the first buildings in San Bernadino, and for Pete's sake they had a Battalion in the U.S. Army and they hold the record for the longest march in Army history from Illinois to San Diego! What is everyone's problem?!!

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    I don't think many people have personal problems with Mitt Romney alone. I believe that most of the problems that people have with Mormonism are based on people's lack of understanding. People often fear the unknown, and for many people, they don't understand the Mormon religion very well and that inspires some fear.

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    You must be a normal person would go down that path. Not that I have anything against mormoms. I live in Utah, and work for, with, and have friends that are mormons.

    However, do you know how their "religion" was founded? Some crackpot (Smith) trying to make a buck, invented the whole thing, probably while on some serious drugs.

    The same guy had gotten busted for burying trinkets on people's property, and then getting people to pay him money to "find" those trinkets. What a joke.

    So, anyways, they create the cult...and yes, all religions start as a cult. Decree that men should marry as many women, girls really, the younger the better, as possible.

    And the clincher? Force the followers to tithe. Not voluntary like in all other churches. You tithe your 15%, or you are thrown out.

    And Romney believes in that load.

    So he will never be elected.

    My problem is that these people believe in immoral practices, or at least that was the foundation.

    The founding member was a crook and a fraud.

    Get a brain, use it.


    Oh, yeah, Steve C. above. You are correct. The mormons (bless their little hearts) believe that if they have tithed, and made as many little mormon children as possible, and led the good life, they will become Gods of their own World in the afterlife.

    ha ha ha....I'm sorry, but that is so much science fiction. I just can't help laughing.

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    RUKidding?! Some of these so-called "Christians" actually think that Catholics aren't Christians, so you don't think they wouldn't think that Mormons aren't Christian? Some claim that Catholics don't read the Bible, we deify saints and their statues, and we think the Pope can predict the weather. C'mon!

    People have a problem with Mormons because they don't know much about them, except for the Osmonds and their not around much these days, so they have to make things up to fill in the blanks. Some of the things with their founder and so forth sound a little strange and since we don't know much more about them than that and what we do know has been taken out of context, most people just fill in the blanks with all kinds of weird things. Once they've done that, it's hard to change people's mind even with the truth. Look at the conspiracists for 9/11 for example.

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    What does a Cultist look like?

    Did Jim Jones look like a cultist?

    Did David Koresh look like a Cultist?

    It is not the outside or appearances that makes someone bad, instead it is the deep seeded beliefs that makes someone bad. If someone has a bad side, they are able to conceal it from most people, until it is too late.

    I will never vote for a Mormon, or a Republican for that matter.

    Mitt Romney will never be elected President of the United States.

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    I think more people have a problem with Romney for other reasons, not his religion. Of course evangelicals, especially those in the South, see Mormonism as a cult, and no one is going to change their mind about that. But overall, it's not his religion, it's his flip flopping on important social issues.

    How do you trust a man who changes his moral stance on guns, gays and abortion in the space of a few months so he can appeal to the GOP as a viable Presidential candidate? He never could have been governor of MA without being pro-choice, so he was pro-choice. Now he can't be the Republican candidate for President without being anti-choice, so now's he anti-choice. Could this guy be any more obvious or pander more shamelessly? And the fact that he has five sons, none of which are in the military, doesn't help matters either. We will never see Mitt Romney take the oath of office for President.

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    We have out own radical fundamentalists here in this country. They are called Christians. It wasn't bad enough that they murdered hundreds of thousands during the Crusades. It wasn't bad enough that they murdered many more thousands during the Inquisition. They continue to believe that they have the only knowledge of what God wants, and how He wants to be worshipped. HOW ARROGANT!!! And, if you don't worship their way, then you aren't really worthy of respect.

    Before [creation...big bang...whatever] the beginning, there was only a benign force that started it all (if you believe EVERY holy book written). I will repeat "BENIGN." Hatred, bigotry, racism, religiousism is not part of God's will. However, I digress. Out of the energy of this Great Spirit came the universe. Therefore, nothing that exists is NOT part of God. By inference, everything that exists is God. Many of the Native American nations have language that referes to the "rock people," "plant people," etc. They have the idea. We are God. The worship of God is actually the worship of ourselves as part of the creation.

    In the Ten Commandments, God says that he is a "jealous God." Since we are created in God's image, we are as flawed as God is. The part of God that is Satan embodies all of the evil that God harbors; which He has no trouble inflicting on others.

    Over the centuries and millenia, great thinkers Abraham, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammud, etc.) have seen the path to God. They have built that metaphorical bridge to his domain. The problem is that those that try to explain this bridge end up selling the bridge...not the journey to the other side. Our religions have made the bridge attractive, but have no clue how to reach the other side; all their energy is spent on maintaining the bridge. The message is lost.

    Mormons, too are stuck on the bridge. They are stuck in a different corner of the bridge from other Christians. The other Christians have no clue that everybody on the bridge must work together to get to the other side.

    Personally, I don't see it happening.

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    Well, Mormons believe Joseph Smith got the word from an angel, and then after he lost the original message, the angel gave it to him again in a second format.

    If you believe that, you've got problems.

    In addition, he wants to send your kids to war, but believes his 5 sons are serving the country by working on his campaign.

    All christians are cultists, let's get over ourselves, shall we.

    This is a group of people who believe that god, like zeus, impregnated an earth woman so that he could let us into heaven after we slaughtered his kid.

    This is prehistoric myth stuff. Anyone who believes this is seriously not thinking. has surrendered their brain to those who would control them for money and political power.

    And I wouldn't be too proud of creating the state of Utah, either.

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    I'm a liberal Democrat and I have nothing against Mitt Romney's religious beliefs. As long as the President doesn't support any legislation that would force his/her beliefs on the rest of us, I don't care what his/her religious beliefs are.

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    I'm a catholic, an I dont think Romney is a cultist, I happen to like him alot, hes very smart and well spoken I think he'dmake a great president, I vote independent but I lean more republican.

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    He looks like the GOP Breck Girl. Too feminine, not masculine like our President Bush.

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