Worried about childs eating habits?

My husband and I are trying to get our one year old to try new foods. He is doing really well with fruits and veggies and different dairy foods but we are worried that he is not getting any protein. He wants nothing to do with meat. We've tried cooking it ourselves for him, giving him lunchmeat and have also tried the gerber graduates line of meat products. He wont eat any of it. He hates peanut butter too. How do I make sure hes getting the nutrients he needs when he wont eat? By the way we have tried just giving him meat at every meal,figuring if he's hungry he will eat it eventually, but he still wont have anything to do with it.

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  • mrs.v
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    1 decade ago
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    The body craves what it needs. YOu should read up on some articles about why kids eat dirt lol Studies say new foods have to be introduced at least 10 times before kids take to it. Try it in a variety of ways-- a kid friendly hot dog cut up to look like an octopus on top of his macaroni is fun! Just keep trying! You might try a variety of meats. Just make sure there is meat available to him at every meal and don't force it. Ask your pediatrician if you are really concerned or he seems to be getting sick or sluggish.

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    i would talk to the doc and ask about vitamins...i know you can get some OTC but your doc might can recommend something that would be better for your little one...in the mean time i would try to disguise it...i know that the graduates line has some pasta pick ups..they have a carrot and chicken one and a beef and tomato one...he might like those since its not a chunk of meat..they also have turkey stew...it has lots of veggies in it so when you give him a bite you could put a piece of the meat with some of the peas or something...my best advice would be to try and trick him :) good luck!!

  • Bambam
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    1 decade ago

    just be patient and encourage to at least try stuff one time! kids will eat when they are hungry, that's for sure, but sometimes they wont always eat what we want them to. if you think not getting enough nutrition, then add in a supplement like pediasure for the extra stuff they need! good luck

  • CF_
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    1 decade ago

    milk and cheese contain lots of protein..

    have you tried scrambled eggs???

    (free range eggs preferably since most folks should by now know how bad battery hen eggs are)

    dont forget that by world standards most people in USA and Europe in more meat than they should - so dont panic too much.

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