Why do people not realize carrie underwood won american Idol?

Two years ago carrie underwood won american idol and has become one of the most successful country singers out there now. Why is it when Idol is mentioned people know Kelly Clarkson as the one who won that show and made it big but don't recognize that Carrie Underwood won American Idol and is burnin up the charts.

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    I really think it's because she went into country music. Though I love it a lot of it, I don't think the majority of AI followers are big fans. Add in the fact that Kelly was the first winner and that probably accounts for the difference in general recognition. Carrie is certainly getting the recognition she deserves in the country music world.

    I like both even though their music is very different and I hope they both continue to succeed. Off subject a bit - I know they aren't young Hollywood, but it's nice to see young, successful women not being wild and pulling the antics like some do.

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    Kelly Clarkson was the first to win on American Idol, it could be that Carrie isn't that recognized because the show isn't watched as much. Kelly Clarkson also made it big, as did alot of other singers.

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    In the same time period Carrie is far superior to Kelly Clarkson. It's the music genre I think. Lots of rock people don't like to recognize the success of country music. Carrie also has something that Kelly doesn't-a personality. I think it is mostly that Kelly is the first Idol winner. In the long run Carrie will still be around when Kelly is not. Look at the sales of her latest CD-not so good.

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    It could be the ppl in which you are talking to and the type of music they listen to. If they ;isten to country they know who Carrie Underwood is without watching an episode of American Idol.... I know I do and I HATE that show.... where as if they listen to hip/hop? whatever her music is considered they know who Kelly Clarkson is without watching the show

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  • 1 decade ago

    kelly clarkson is a pop artist. that type of music is liked by the public more than country. frankly i never liked kelly clarkson.she can't touch carrie underwood when it comes to singing.

  • 3 years ago

    Lauren continuously reminds of a mixture of Kelly Clarkson, carry Underwood and Jordan Sparks Lauren has something approximately her, that i think of she will succeed prevailing or dropping. somebody can take Lauren and do a Leeann Rhymes, whilst she replaced right into a teenage united states music All season long, i presumed she and Pia could do the superb by using fact the winner of yank Idol To this present day, i think of Adam have been given fortunate no longer prevailing. are you able to image if he had to do Kris Allen album? That undesirable music replaced into written with Adam by using fact the winner. would desire to you image his album? i think of Lauren has an excellent gamble of prevailing if she does and kills an non united states music they are splitting the rustic vote contained in the midsection Lauren is getting lots of the teen vote, Scotty maximum Lauren desires to do an non united states music and flow after James and Haley's votes She would desire to, and have contained in the previous She has a voice which could sing extra desirable than united states, she desires to instruct it If she sings all united states like Scotty, Scotty will win i does not rule out Lauren, if everyone would desire to conquer him, she will

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    Cuz Kelly Clarkson was and always will be the first and the most original. Plus I don't like Underwood, so I never talk about her. I would much rather talk about Clarkson then Underwood anyday.

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    Because Kelly does pop and Carie does Country. Last time I checked, Pop was way more popular than Country...at least where Im from.

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    Most the majority of ADULTS in America stopped watching AI after season 1.

  • Cathy
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    Because they don't care and/or don't follow country music.

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