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What is the difference between Dog Fighting and Deer Hunting?

How about Quail hunting as our friendly vice president Cheney was doing before he "accidentally" shot a friend.

Just want to know the difference, so please don't get offended and start calling childish names.

we know what they do when dogs are killed. but what are deer used for (with)?

thank you for your knowledge and understanding


Excellent answers guys! I was scared I was going to be bashed by the Animal police. really learned something today, thanks!!!

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    Well, there is quite a difference. Hunting is the process of tracking down and killing an animal, for the purpose of eating its meat for food, generally. Although in the past it was prevalent to kill just for sport.

    Dog fighting, however, involves raising an animal in bad conditions and training it to attack and fight other dogs. The animals are beaten and treated poorly in general over a lifetime. They are killed indiscriminately and their deaths are senseless.

    So, when someone goes deer hunting and gets the deer meat, it is really no different than someone going to the supermarket. Going to the supermarket is hunting by proxy, since the animal meat that one buys comes from an animal that someone killed.

    So, there's the difference, really. Hunting for sport is even less nasty than dog fighting, because it isn't supposed to involve lengthy pain to the animal. The idea is to kill the animal quickly. It's not as common today to have people just killing animals for fun, rather than for the meat.

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    Dog fighting is sadomasochistic. The more the animal suffers the better the show. Animals are bred in captivity and affection is withheld. They are social animals and this is akin to mental abuse. If the dogs don't perform well, they are often killed in painful, brutish ways.

    I don't care for deer hunting, but hunting is a natural activity in the wild. Deers are born wild and live natural lives. Without deer hunting, their populations would (and actually have) exploded to the point that they suffer starvation and are more likely to be plagued by disease. Since humans have done away with almost every natural predator that would normally hunt deer, hunters are actually needed. An ethical and skilled deer hunter shoots to kill with as little unnecessary pain as possible. Plus they can eat their kill or donate them to a program to feed the needy.

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    In the case of deer, quail, dove, squirrel; people are to register to HUNT these animals. They are also in some part as far as quail, dove and deer allowed to only get a certain number in a day. Dog fighting is just weird to actually watch and enjoy. Vic should have gone to a boxing match or two and bet on that.

    Have you ever gone fishing?

    ANYBODY here like seafood, burgers, fried chicken? Somebody has to go get that, kill then slaugter the food.

    P.S. Did I mention that people don't eat the dogs that die (leaving the stereotypes aside) but people do eat deer and such game. Deer = venison.

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    I don't support either one but there is a huge differece.

    Both things have a history. Dog fighting was for money; animal hunting was for clothing and food.

    Although there really is no need for animal hunting in the present day, most people actually eat the animals they kill. I live in the South, where hunting is a big thing, and this is what a lot of the people do. Same thing with fishing. But you don't see people arguing about whether fishing is wrong? In most cases it's viewed as a past time or hobby. Point blank: animal hunting has more of a purpose.

    And if you don't know, deer are used for their meat. I've had it, and it's actually very good. And people eat dog too, in Mexico. But there is a big difference between quickly killing and then using the animal for food, and inhumanely abusing the animals.

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    Dog fighting is totally different than deer hunting. First of all deer hunting, at one time, was for survival. That may not be true but most people today still eat most of the meat. Dog fighting on the other hand is purely for 'sport' and gambling. And horrible things go along with it. Like drugs and prostitution. I'm glad they have such strict penalties. Just my opinion.

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    You mean, other than the fact that during hunting you don't get two animals together in a ring and have them try to kill each other? Followed by torturing and then finally killing the loser in about the most inhumane way possible?

    Deer, quail and other animals that are hunted are used for food a vast majority of the time. They're not tortured or toyed with before hand.

    That about answer it?

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    Okay here I go, Dog fighting is flat out inhumane and ILLEGAL, when deer hunting began it was because they needed the fur for clothing and they needed food so they killed the deer for venison. Also deer hunting is legal, and people still kill deer for food and game. But what do you get out of dog fighting? If the dog dies you just bury it and thats it, its like cock fighting where they fight till the death and nobody gains anything from these fights

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    Deer are wild animals. Their meat is called venison. Quail are gamebirds. They are either wild or raised for the sole purpose of being killed and eaten. Dogs are domesticated. A burial site in Germany called Bonn-Oberkassel has joint human and dog interments dated to 14,000 years ago. The earliest domesticated dog found in China is at the early Neolithic (7000-5800 BC) Jiahu site in Henan Province. European Mesolithic sites like Skateholm (5250-3700 BC) in Sweden have dog burials, proving the value of the furry beasts. Danger Cave in Utah is the earliest in the Americas, at about 11,000 years ago.

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    i just thought about this and was shocked. bottom line is both die (to me thats the bottom line). i was just reading some answers and this is what i have to counter.

    1. some people dont eat the deer. so theyre killing it themselves! for no reason!

    2. legal/ illegal. idc. this is a moral question.

    3. the dogs cant run. the deer try to escape but instead u kill it. how mean.

    4. people say the dogs are treated terribly. were they dog fighters once?

    i dont have time to read the rest of the answers. sry

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    Deer are hunted and killed to be ate. Those dogs were drowned, hung or electricuted. They were made to suffer. There is a HUGE difference.

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