Why does the United States have a national Holocaust Museum, but no museum of American Slavery?

Peter Novick pointed this out in his book "The Holocaust in American Life."

After all, the US didn't commit the Holocaust, but the US did engage in human slavery.

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    1 decade ago
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    No one likes to remember their mistakes.

    And also, there are hundreds of black rights museums, which are largely devoted to remembering slavery. They just don't have that specific name.

    After all, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

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    Good question,I can understand there being a Holocaust museum,as not a lot of American's knew much about it until they saw Schindler's List,but they definitely should have a American Slavery museum.

    As you know the UK has a new British Slavery museum along with the small one they've had at the Albert Docks for years in Liverpool,to celebrate 200yrs of the abolishion of Slavery.

    History is History and I think people should know (especially atrocities)what went on in years gone by.

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    Maybe because the jews were white and the slaves were black? Just guessing here! Does Novick have a plan to encourage buildling such a memorial? I have to say that when I went to the holocaust musuem, it seems oddly out of place on the national mall. Everything except that museum is about USA

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    Good question! Since I'm not American I can't really answer but I reckon the answer must be something to do with the influence the Jews have in America.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    because they feel guilty and do not want to remember the past. Why do you think so many of them tell us to "get over it." They surely do not tell the Jews to "get over it," they most certainly embrace the notion of remembering their Holocaust but not ours.

    BUFFALO, you know why we push it so much? Because pple like you don't like to face it. So, constantly spewing things about the Jewish Holocaust is getting "over" it right?

    But this country doesn't want to remember slavery at all.

    BTW you are misusing semicolons and apostrophes .

  • Tunips
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    1 decade ago

    For precisely the reason you mentioned. The US was guiltless in the holocaust, they played the role of saviours.

    Reminding Americans of their slaver past upsets them as much as reminding Germans of their Nazi past.

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    Oh, cut the crap. You can indeed "get over it", WITHOUT forgetting about it. When you wear it on your' sleeve and allow it to put a chip on your shoulder and give you a nasty attitude, that's not memorializing the suffering of your' ancestors; that's being an immature **shole. Living a free, gracious and dignified life towards others while holding the triumphs-AND sufferings-of your ancestors in its proper place, upon the alter of your' heart and soul, is called "balance"and "maturity"; and it can be achieved.

  • Because they're ashamed of it. There should be a museum, definitely.

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