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    I grew up in the countryside while as a child, parents were all peasants, the economic situation is ordinary in the family, but family get along each other extremely harmonious, because parents' way of disciplining, make me sincere and do things seriously, and glad to accept the challenge and pressure. I graduate from Wu phoenix technological institute, major in mechanical engineering, achievement during studying keep middle and upper degree, clothes finish after the military service, I have been staying and helping fathers to do the thing at home all the time , though there is no abundant working experience, but I am willing to bear hardships, have it to the zeal of the work and the hearts of sense of duty and Kenya's study, believe that may remedy the deficiency of working experience according to this kind of working attitude . I have been wanting to try to get a potential job all the time , just as this positions offered at present of your company, I yearn for the working content in this way very much by itself, this can just make me obtain more extensive knowledge and experience in machinery , what I thirsted for most is to accept greater challenge and obtain more pluralistic practice experience at present, I expect at work , make speciality of me is it wave to worthy of fully , if have the honor to enter your company in a in the future one, must will act own foot color well wholeheartedly.


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