Why do people think it is okay to let their cats run around outside?

Dogs have to be on leashes or in fenced yards, but I know of several cats who run at large a lot. Cats can scratch up your car, ruin your garden, they fight, can damage property, and I have seen more than one occasion of an intact male attacking a kid for 'violating his area.' I think it is really irresponsable for people to endanger their cats like this, especally when you can leash train them very similar to a dog. Mine are both leash trained and love it.

I do however love the fact that if your cat gets picked up and taken to the humane society you have to pay a hefty fine to get them back, but I think they should get tickets as well. What do you think?


No, I don't mean feral cats. They are the ones I trap and help to pay for spay/neuter. I ment the ones with tags and chips.

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    The cats you describe are known as feral cats. They are basically wild and have no real owners. Most responsible cat owners allow their pets outside to relieve themselves and get exercise. Unneutered males mark their territory, and usually get into fights with other cats who trespass.

    Some cat owners, and I was one of these, keep their cats indoors, train them to use a litter box, and provide for their exercising needs.

    While cats can be trained to walk on a leash, in my experience, few like it.

    Many communities now have laws regarding the licensing of cats. If they are picked up by animal control (or whatever it's called in your area), owner should and do pay fines to have their pets returned, usually with a admonition to have their pets neutered. Neutered pets, be they cats, dogs or whatever, tend to stay at home and not wander.

    Source(s): Cat lover and responsible pet owner.
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    I incredibly agree. They should be forced to do some sort of community services or something as well, but then you really cant tell if your cat is normally an inside cat and ran away or if it it always let out. I don't think cats should be allowed out unless they are on leads just like dogs, they are just as bad and sometimes even worse on the environment as dogs are.

    My cat is an inside cat and I would never let him out to roam around the neighborhood, firstly because if he does he will get squashed by a car its as simple as that he is not that smart. lol. And secondly because if he did get in a fight with another cat (which he most likely would because he is a bit of a tom cat) he would lose I know and get hurt... he is not a fighter but he definitely a hunter I know for sure he would kill something like a bird out there he is a very good hunter.

    Edit - Some of the above answers are talking about different kind of environments, I live in a suburban area on a busy road but in a place where alot of native birds and animals frequent. So my opinion are for my own situation.

  • Erika
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    first-rate factor is to hold your cat interior for the primary two years of her lifestyles then she can be extra of a homebody. The leisure is determined by you: If you reside wherein there are coyotes NO, equal with alligators and crocodiles. Busy road, NO. If you signed an adoption contract that says NO then dont. But cats are savvy and will avert plenty of threats. Then there may be the query of ethics: Is the cat estate and simply there for you or do they've a few rights to their possess lifestyles.What is your Guardianship position? And if there's no transparent reply in you head, compromise: Build an outside enclosure, stroll a cat on a leash..... Good Luck Peter

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    I live in an urban (small duplex & triplex flats) neighborhood in Montreal (QC) where about 40% of the population has cats, and about 90% of those people let their cats run amok AND have had their animals fixed (including myself). They tend to just stay in the back alley. Everyone looks out for everyone else's pets. And those that don't have cats are aware of the fact that it's a part of the neighborhood and aren't terribly bothered by it.

    It's ok for me because it's the norm here. Always has been, always will be. I've never heard of people having thier cats picked up by the humane society (or similar) in this area, and to fine everyone in the neighborhood would be obscene.

    Besides, if by you, people have to pay a large fine to get them back already, what's really the point of ticketing people on top of that? Really.

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  • mary
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    There is good reasons why the cats need to be inside. If you acquire a kitten or cat. You owe it to them to let them have the protection of a caring home.

    The cat populations is pushing to where they are so over populated they are killed in the streets and by poison or evil behavior. So protect the animal population and do what is right by them. Have them neutered or spade.

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    first off all i let my cat Harmony out once twice a day and i watch her the whole time. My cat is SPAYED. and i always make sure she is our yard. there are cats in the next yard but she always scares them away she does not wanna fight.

    i dunno who would be so stupid to let there cat out and go inside and come back out and be like wtf? wheres my cat????


    my cat does sneek out too but we have prevented that from happening by keeping her in my room when the doors are open witch is only in the night.

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