Are concealment and revelation sources of dramatic tension in East of Eden and The Kite Runner?

and what exactly is dramatic tension

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    Concealment and revelation in East of Eden could refer to Cathy - renamed Kate - rediscovering her two sons. Pax - C

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    Dramatic tension is the drama (do you know a "drama queen"? if so you know...) or emotions evolving from a tense situation. Well, the emotions themselves make things have "tension," or a feeling of almost excited and nervous wonder about what will happen next in the drama.

    Concealment (hiding something, either in reality or in the words written in the books) and revelation (same, except the hiding is over, secrets are out...)--well those two things MAKE the dramatic tension, because there is a push and pull. And they are in the things you're reading.


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    Hmm....I would think that dramatic tension is just really heightened tension between characters. I haven't read East of Eden, but in The Kite Runner I'd say the betrayal of (I'm sorry, I don't remember his name), the rich kid to his friend/servant when he saw him in the alley leads to dramatic tension, which in turn breaks apart their friendship.

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    I've only read Kite Runner, but here's wat i think.

    1) Yes, they are.

    Concealment: The fact that Amir's dad had a relationship with his servant's wife. Soraya had a relationship with another man when she was unmarried. The true feelings Baba had for Ali nd Hassan.

    When things are concealed, it leaves u guessing nd curious. Ur left in a state of unknowing. Doesn't that increase the tension? U want, no, you NEED to know wat happens next!

    2) Revelation: When Amir realizes the truth in Hassan's criticism of his first story. When Amir realizes that Hassan knows he hid the money nd that he saw Assef rape him

    Again, the dramatic tension is heightened bcuz after such revelations, the reader wonders wat is going to happen after these revelations.

    Drmatic Tension is the feeling of suspense nd interest in the outcome.

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  • shazam
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    1) I can't tell you that answer... it has to reveal itself.

    2) dramatic tension is what keeps the story from falling apart

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