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I am fed up with the big pharmaceuticals, western medicine, and the FDA. What is wrong with them?

Corrupt is all I can say.

Their basis of belief:

If the customer is sick, we'll treat the symptoms and send them on their way. "Thank you, we hope to see you all again"

Big pharma sure loves all that $$$ from manipulation of ailments.

If something non-patentable comes around they get angry and denounce it! No!..antioxidants cause cancer! Use our synthetic chemicals your body needs to rid the cancer! *heart attack or stroke may occur*

"Oh my goodness apple cider vinegar, honey, and garlic together makes a huge remedy for many things. Zoinks Billy this could hurt us! Let's use JAMA and say that these together are toxic and have no effects for one!"

And the FDA..where to begin.

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    Just wanted to thank WWD for providing the voice of reason. If anyone really doubts the benefits of western medicine, just travel to any 3rd world country and ask the locals what it's like to watch someone die from Malaria or any one of a hundred other illnesses that we've managed to keep in check.

    And by the way, all those "alternative" medications that are freely sold at GNC and others are also provided by companies that are making ridiculous profits from peoples ailments. And usually with no verifiable benefits.

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    It is a concern that the pharmaceutical industry now funds close to two thirds of all research, and their profit margins are unconscionable, but let's not go too far. Whether antioxidants do any good is a supposition drawn from the idea that diets rich in them are associated with improved health. It's a huge leap of faith to assume that they are indeed responsible for the effect. That is still in research. The same logic holds true with your other "remedies." They may have some marginal benefit in selected instances, but there's no evidence of great benefit. If you want to do the studies to prove it, get a grant. I suspect you don't read any medical or pharmaceutical studies, or you'd never try to make the parallels you have. There's a lot of rigorous scientific methodology that has to be met for studies to have a remote chance of showing benefit of any proposed treatment. Oh, and JAMA and some of the other peer-reviewed journals go to great lengths to minimize the influence of corporate money on what they publish. They're not at all like your average magazine.

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    Its about the money man. Their will never be cures for things. Just medicine that will allow you to live with it so the drug companies can make money.

    I do not take any meds. only vitamins. I exercise and eat right. I dont need medicine. Im a baller.

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    oh man and do you know they test on beagles? the sweet dogs? i just read a document. ugh, how can they do that to man's best friend? they test them till they die. BEAGLES!

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