what is the CC ,PSI?

what is thje meaning of cc and psi in automobile language

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    CC is cubic centimeter. It's a measurement of volume, usually used to talk about the displacement of an engine. The larger the engine (generally), the greater potential to burn fuel, and the greater potential to produce power. You'll also hear displacement described in terms of cubic liters, and cubic inches. Obviously, there are 1000 ccs in a liter.

    PSI is pounds per square inch. Usually used to talk about tire pressures.

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    CC is cubic centimeter. It is a measure of volume. e.g. a Yamaha yzf R6 has a 600 CC enginer. 1 Litre = 1000 CC.

    PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It is a measure of pressure. Pressure by definition is amount of weight applied on a given area. In metric units that would be Newton/meter^2.

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    In general;

    CCs is the volume of air in Cubic Centimeters that an engine displaces from the combustion chamber/s.

    In automotive terms, PSI is Pounds per Square Inch of force that's exerted when the air is compressed in the combustion chamber. (A compression tester measures the PSI of compression in a combustion chamber.)

    This previous thread may help you to better understand displacement in CCs:


    And if you're interested in a more technical explanation of PSI you can read this Wikipedia article, and apply it to the way a piston compresses air in a combustion chamber:


    Good luck!

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    CC in a layman's term means size of the engine open up your engine hood and just look right above you - pendejo! PSI -pressure or pounds just look at your tires as an example.

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    cc is cubic centimeters. It is used to measure the displacement of an engine. 1000cc equals one liter.

    Psi is a unit of pressure, it is pounds per square inch.

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    psi is pounds per square inch

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    cubic centimeters, pounds per square inch

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