I have a question for guys out there (regarding watching porn) (or girls if this has happened to you)?

If you're with a girl and the two of you are serious, say she's over your place and she's still sleeping. Would you go online and watch porn, then proceed to search for the star of that movie on Myspace or any other site like that? If yes...what are your motives...Intentional or just curious?


I have bad self asteem issues and he knows that. Sometimes we watch porn together, and other times by ourselves, I'll admit that. But I don't like him watching it while I'm in the other room just a few feet away. And I understand the whole "morning wood" part, but really...it was disrespectful and when I just confronted him with it, he denied looking up the person in the film despite me finding it in the search bar for a people search on Myspace. I may be acting a bit paranoid, but he just lied to me over the phone. Anyone else see something wrong with that?

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    O boy.....well....unfortunatley this guy is showing at least the beginning stages of a sexual addiction. You may take the time to look into the signs of this addiction and perhaps see if he is willing to talk about it...at the very least you need to be open and tell him that you feel disrespected (and most likely you now have some feelings of inadequacy and feel that there is maybe something "wrong" with you)

    Respect yourself enough to not just blow it off...follow your intuition.

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    I don't see the big deal in a guy looking up the myspace page of some porn star. It's not like anything would ever come of it - you think porn stars have time for mere mortals like your guy? They're too busy having sex on camera and believe it or not a lot of porn stars are in *gasp* commited relationships! So no porn star is out to get your guy no matter how many times he checks out her myspace page. And both sexes can enjoy porn - it's not just a guy thing. Watching porn is just a means to an end if you get what I mean. I myself have gone to the sites of different porn stars just out of boredom/curiousity. Unless your guy is spending 20 hours a day at his computer watching it I really wouldn't be too concerned. Relax and trust that your guy is only human like the rest of us. :)

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    Thats a new approach, if the porn star has a myspace profile and you become a bit of a fan of their work then I guess its okay.

    There is nothing wrong with porn in gereral so it would be no different than searching for the profile of a popstar for instance. I starred in three porn films and I never had or wanted to further my familiarity with the audience. Although myspace wasnt around then.

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    Porn is the lazy man's answer to a relationship. Porn requires no effort from men. They just click on a link and there's a perfect looking woman who's ready and waiting for him, and he's free to engage in any fantasy he chooses.

    It is completely disrespectful and it dishonors you. You must draw a clear line with him and tell him you're not willing to accept this behavior. Otherwise, you will always be sharing him with those other women.

    I've heard guys that say, "but at least I'm not out at a bar or strip club picking up other women, I'm not cheating."

    The answer to that is, "there is NO DIFFERENCE. You might as well be. The effect is the same."

    It's all about what you're willing to accept and put up with in a relationship. If you're okay with it, no problem. If it bothers you, you have the right to say so, and even to say, "porn or me buddy."

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    I think that if anyone's getting up in the middle of the night and sneaking online to surf porn on the internet, they might be a LITTLE on the obsessed side of things with regards to that.

    ...but if you're up in the morning and she's still asleep - and you're just looking for entertainment... what the heck, nothing wrong with that. It'd be equivalent to just flipping on the TV & channel surfing to find something interesting to watch.

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    I'm a guy and I would never do that if I'm in a serious relationship. If you are a girl and your boyfriend still watches porn then that guy isn't taking it seriously. Yeah, even I watched some porn but that was before I started serious relationships. I think it's disrespectful to watch porn and still have a serious relationship.

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    This is a common problem in our sick society. The virtual world is intruding more and more into the real world and some people get them mixed up.

    When a horny guy has a lover right there, and instead goes online to watch porn.. that is just too sad. Maybe it is neurotic and he can not relate to real life. I think his loving skill are probably far behind his performance skills.

    He probably sees women as sex objects rather than "real" people with feelings. I would watch out for two things that he has that are too hard! The 2nd one is his heart!

    :-) Good luck. You have been warned. I am not kidding.

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    As a person who searches the internet for all kinds of things that catch my curiosity, from silly games, weird news stories, historical facts, shopping bargains, etc. I can say it could just be cuirosity and probably was. It may not have been the smartest thing to do but there is nothing wrong with him. Would it bother you as much if he was alone? even if he fantasized about the star you need to remember it is just a fantasy, one that he is perfectly entitled to. You shouldn't be threatened by the fantasy. unless of course he tries to force you to be like the person or do acts that they do.

  • busbee
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    So the actual concern is which you're insecure via fact of your weight earnings. it incredibly is a YOU subject and a few thing that has no longer something to do with your husband watching porn. how are you able to assert you was a swinger yet now you have a topic with your husband watcing porn? you're in each and every single place woman. purely for the checklist, you're able to be able to desire to renowned what adult males look at for porn isn't some secret choose they harbor to easily do actual existence, or some indication that he's no longer extremely joyful with the way you look, experience, or make love. He ought to be completely extremely joyful with your intercourse existence and nonetheless look at porn. it incredibly is fantasy. I watch porn. i do no longer prefer to take part in a gang bang, yet i've got watched it. I additionally play video games yet i'm unlikely on against the regulation spree to kill human beings or practice to combat extraterrestrial beings or dragons or some thing in actual existence. those are 2 separate geographical regions and a few thing maximum adult males can easily shop separate. Its a short escape from certainty and there is no longer something incorrect with that. while you're worried for a manner you look, confer with him approximately it. you're a 10 and he could nonetheless look at porn. you're a porn megastar interior the sack and he could nonetheless look at porn. it incredibly is a certainty of existence for ninety 9% of adult males. of direction he does it at the back of your lower back, via fact its inner maximum. you're able to be able to desire to have privateness even in marriage, so admire that. while you're fearful regarding the trolling choose commercials on craigslist possibly you could confer with him approximately that, when you consider that's no longer suitable, it does tutor signs and indications that someplace, even whether it incredibly is no longer susceptible to be acted on, he's thinking assembly different females. Thats a topic, so which you would be able to talk approximately that. yet go away the porn concern on my own. purely enable him be a guy on that one.

  • Alex W
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    1 decade ago

    I've never looked for a porn star on myspace or any other site. I only look for them in porn.

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