Makin music?

Okay i have a computer and i was tryin to get this little music studio started. I got the program to make the music. But what would i need for my computer to get my words on the music.

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    1 decade ago
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    It depends on what you mean by "get my words on the music". If you have recorded the music, and you have recorded the voice track, and you want to mix them, then you can use Audacity ( It's free, and it's a really good mix tool. If you need to record the voice track, you can use the Voice Recorder built in to Windows.

    If you want to compose and print the words on the music, I recommend Harmony Assistant ( It will print the musical score with the lyrics, and will even sing the lyrics in whatever you compose. It's shareware, but the $70 is a great deal for a software package that does more than a lot of commercial packages at twice the price.

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