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How much energy is used to manufacture a solar panel in comparison to the amount it can produce in it's life?

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    This is a myth that propagates around the internet. There's an acronym that's used called EROEI, energy returned on energy invested.

    The myth is that it takes more energy to produce solar panels than the energy they produce from the sunlight.

    Crystalline silicon PV systems presently have energy pay-back times of 1.5-2 years for South-European locations and 2.7-3.5 years for Middle-European locations. The U.S. is less than 1.5 years currently.

    The accounting life estimate for solar panels is 20 years typically, but they last longer than that, many are guaranteed for at least 20 years, with no definite end due to time.

    That's old technology, nothing new here, no inventions, it's been this way for 20 years, I know because I installed solar panels in 1984 and they're still going strong.

    There are new panels that will improve that number as well as output per size.

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    This is not a simple question because it depends on how energy efficient the manufacturer is. But you can get a rough idea by the cost of the panel and the price you would have to pay for the power it produces. For example, if the panel costs $100 and it makes an amount of electricity in a year that would have cost you $10 from your local power company, then the answer would be 10 years. That assumes that the manufacturer pays the same rate for power that you do and the all the cost of the panel can be traced back to power use at some point. Other than that rough estimation, you would need to ask a solar panel factory manager how much power they use in a year and how many panels they make and how much power those panels can produce. I suspect most plant managers will not tell you all that because it is business confidential information.

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    A colosal amount of energy is used to manufacture a solar panel.

    The energy produced by the solar panel juring it's "life," is very small in comparison to all the energy it took to create it.


    For each Human in a Manurfacturing Factory, it takes alot of food to give those people energy. It took alot of energy to grow and harvest the food those people eat.

    For each Robot in a Manurfacturing Factory, it takes alot of Oil and Electricity to give those machines "life". It took alot of human energy to find, dig, and ship oil to the factory.

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    1.5 years to recoup the money spent?

    ya right!

    a good system w/o install is 30k.

    30k / 547.5 days (1 1/2 years) =

    $54.79 dollars PER DAY on electricity,

    or 1,643.84 PER MONTH!

    and let me buy a vowel, so you can solve the puzzle.

    if you spend that much per month on "grid" power, that 30k system isn't gonna keep up with your power consumption.

    it's a hard question to answer, too many variables.

    does the manufacturer use it's own panel to power the plant? how long is the panel going to last?

    i can say that with original purchase + maintenance, you won't make money or break even with solar.

    it only makes sense, economically, if you are in a remote area.

    which is too bad, i'd buy a system IF it could provide electricity for what i pay for it now.

    ask how many people who say how great solar electric is actually have it.

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    i sent the info about how they are made ,,if it takes 2 days to make and it gives years of service i think its worth it...

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