Yesterday I tried to burn CD-RW using the burner but failed. A window popped up and said not a correct type of disc... But I see that it says "CD-R/RW" on the burner. Can anyone tell me why? I'm not so familiar with these things...

Please help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are using the Nero Express burner software to burn CD/DVD disc, please make sure you choose the correct format matching the inserted disc.

    Why ?

    It is because the latest Nero Express version supports burning both DVD disc and CD disc.

    Therefore, when burning a CD disc, you need to make sure that CD disc type is selected in the Nero software. The selection is on the top right hand corner for Nero version 6. In Nero version 7, the selection is on the top middle bar.

    Version 6


    Version 7


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