laptop wireless internet connection既問題

我買左部toshiba satellite A200 AH3


但我set up 個wireless internet connection時係唔得既




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    Yes, your new laptop has built-in wireless antenna so that you can pick up wireless signal connecting to the internet. Having said that, there must be a wireless access point nearby in order for you to connect wirelessly. Here comes my question, where are you trying to connect wirelessly?

    1, At your own home? if so, do you have a desktop connecting to a wireless modem or wireless router as an access point? Have you setup your own wireless network on the desktop and the wireless device yet?

    2, At your own home but trying to search for wireless connection through your neighbour or business around you? if so, either the signal is too weak for you to pick up or they might have their network protected blocking you to join.

    3, On the street, e.g. Starbucks? if so, try searching the wireless network provided by the Toshiba software (Wireless network wizard), it should work.

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    To your question, 有無線上網card就唔洗用router? That depends...if you have a wireless modem, the answer is No. If you have a regular modem, then you need a device to provide the wireless signal e.g. wireless router, so the answer is Yes

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    Toshiba Satellite A200 AH3 係有內置既無線 802.11g 無線網絡卡.


    1. scan 不到任何無線網絡 (用 view availbale connection) 或根本沒有無線網絡的 icon

    2. 1 OK, 但 scan 不到你的 router

    3. 1, 2 OK, scan 到但 connect 不到

    1. 檢查無線網絡卡的 driver 是否安裝好

    2. 檢查你的 router

    3. 檢查相關的保安,WEP/WAP加密,MAC過濾等等

    或你家中根本沒有無線 router? wireless internet connection 一定要有無線 router,無線網絡卡是用來接收信號,無線 router是用來傳播 ISP modem 的信號.

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