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英文 問題.感謝回答

1. Estimates of the number of distinct Indian languages in the Americas range from 1,000 to 2,000.

請問Estimates 可以改成The estimates of how many嗎?

2. The young couples were up out of their seats, and they do small dances of exultation.


3. The train runs no faster than 120km per hour.

請問no faster可以改成not faster嗎?

4. Mary, a person with stronger self-confidence, never worried about what other people think of her.


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    1. 不行 how many 用在疑問句

    2. 前後句時態要相同 they did small....

    3. 不行

    4. 不行 never worried about things that other people think of. Things that =what

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