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Has Zyprexa, Strattera or Prozac ever been recalled?

Eli Lilly

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    No. Recently there has been some controversy about zyprexa and diabetes, but Lilly has not recalled the drugs.

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    I have never heard of them being recalled but the drug Prozac was off the market for a while during an investigation. I know it was right after it was introduced. It was said to be "THE" contributing factor in a murder rampage/ suicide of a teenager suffering from depression, He was otherwise healthy sane young man. It wasn't off the market for very long. Lets face it all of the meds you named can cause or worsen the condition they are prescribed to help.

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    If u live in the USA I personally have nvr heard of it being recalled

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    No, or I think that........

    I think that will depend on your country....

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