telecommunications sales?

I would like to ask, is telecommunications sales to business a difficult job as I was offered a job with a clec. Is it hard to sell in NYC and what would i expect.


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    1 decade ago
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    Telecommunications sales can be a very easy thing to do, if you get involved with the right company. Selling it for someone else can be a very difficult thing, especially if they are limited to a curtain area or a curtain kind of telecommunications needs. I know a web site that you can take a look at that markets in all telecommunication needs. They are also a world wide company. The income you could make in this company is incredible. You wouldn't be limited to just NY. I think this would be a perfect opportunity for you to capitalize in the money opportunity that this industry has to offer. Here is their web site If you'd like more information on telecommunications, you'll have to contact them. Their contact is on the front page.

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    I don't know about selling in NYC because I live in Texas, but I can say that telecommunications basically sell themselves. Everyone uses telephones, cell phones, PDAs, etc. You should go into business for yourself doing the same thing. Contact me at for more information on being your own boss. I sell products such as high speed internet, satellite dish, cell phone service, and even video phones!

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    We are looking for a Telecoms Sales manager

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with the answer you have already been given. Depending on what the CLEC is willing to pay you, you may be better off selling for yourself. Visit for more details.

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