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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

political scientist?

What is a political scientist and what does it do? Name one famous political scientist if you can please!

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  • Randy
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    1 decade ago
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    Political Science is a branch of social science concerned with theory, description, analysis and prediction of political behavior, political systems and politics broadly-construed.

    Following are some political scientists, there are many more:

    David Abernethy- Comparative Politics, Africa Specialist at Stanford University; author of "The Dynamics of Global Dominance"

    Christopher H. Achen - Political methodologist at Princeton University, first president of the Society for Political Methodology.

    Prajesh Adhikari - Comparative politics; Eastern Europe specialist at Arizona State University; author of "The Hope Gene"

    John Aldrich - Political parties expert at Duke University, author of Why Parties?

    Graham Allison - "Essence of decision" author; early bureaucratic politics model proponent; former Dean of Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

    Gabriel A. Almond - Originator of culturist movement in Comparative Politics

    R. Douglas Arnold - Congress scholar, author of The Logic of Congressional Action

    Robert Axelrod - Notable game theorist, wrote extensively on the "Prisoner's Dilemma"

    Stephen Barber - Noted for his work on political strategy and political economy. Author of Political Strategy. Also a respected member of the highly-acclaimed G3 (tour).

    Benjamin Barber - proponent of participatory democracy and local governance. Teaches at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland College Park.

    Larry Bartels - Democracy and voting expert at Princeton University

    Nathaniel Beck - Political methodologist, international relations scholar

    Duncan Black - Responsible for unearthing the work of many early political scientists, including Charles Dodgson.

    Hans T. Blokland - Author of Freedom and Culture in Western Society (Routledge 1997) and Modernization and its political consequences (YaleUP 2006).

    Jean Blondel - Comparative politics (University of Siena) and emeritus at European University Institute

    Catherine Boone - Comparative politics, Africa (University of Texas at Austin)

    Jean-Charles de Borda - 18th century mathematician who devised the Borda count.

    Steven Brams - Expert on voting systems.

    Ahron Bregman - Expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict

    John Brehm - Public opinion and political psychology expert.

    Ian Bremmer - Political risk specialist.

    Stephen Bronner

    Stephen Brooks - International relations scholar

    Bruce Bueno de Mesquita - Pioneering game theorist with applications to international relations, seminal book "The War Trap". See also: selectorate theory.

    Walter Dean Burnham - Expert in the field of realigning elections, emeritus at University of Texas at Austin

    Edward Hallett Carr - Noted international relations theorist.

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  • walen
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    4 years ago

    very almost each state U will grant a application in political technological awareness. There regularly are not that many rigorous standards which you are going to could desire to comprehensive different than first semester statistics and a few writing training. As for construction a achievable profession on an identical time as interpreting you are able to verify with the dep. and see in the event that they have any honor societies (Phi Omega....) i do no longer comprehend everyone on campus that intends to make a profession out of their polsci education. maximum individuals merely use that degree as a gateway to word to regulation or company college

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  • 1 decade ago

    any politician, many presidents, senators, congressmen, wow you must be pretty clue less about the subject well this is a list of about 1,000 or more famous political scientist

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