so do you think i'm striaght, bi, or lesbian?

so i'm 16 and since 8th grade i had been dealing with am i gay, straight, or homosexual. it was after i lost my best friend. wasn't attracted to her or anything (can't stand her now)

when i was in 4th grade i had a crush on my female teacher. but then i kissed a boy a year after and loved it

anyway i'm flashing back. is this how you felt or was it diffrent. i mean i want to go out with a guy to movies and be asked out to a dance. its just when a girl on tv acts sexy to a guy i get a pulse in my pubic area (sorry). and then i wanna go do it with a guy.

i do wanna get married to a man. and i can't experiment because i wanna be a virgin until i get married. and i couldn't really see myself kissing a girl

whats your advice on my situation? bi,lesbian, straight or just a confused teen who should get a life


by the way i don't check out girls. well maybe like once or twice but thats because i'm jeoulas

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    God created all of us to be heterosexual, or "straight", if you prefer! However, it's natural, as a teenager, to question everything. With all the exposure to sex in the media("sex sells") and the militant agenda of the activist homosexuals, Lesbians and bisexuals (I call them "sads", 'cause there's nothing "gay" about them), it's no wonder you are confused! The "sads" want to push their lifestyle down the throats of the rest of the 94-98% of us and make us believe it's "normal"!

    I applaud your resolve to remain a virgin until after you're married! That is God's plan for everyone and your virginity is a very precious gift you can only give once! My wife and I engaged in the "Act of Marriage" - as I prefer to call it - for the first time on our wedding night. She was nearly 22 and I was almost 25.

    God bless you, Honey!

  • avants
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    4 years ago

    you're you. each so often gender and gender decision isn't sparkling cut back. I even have had this for sometime. Am I a lesbian? Am I bi? possibly a lesbian who's slightly bi? Do you incredibly want a label suitable now? Be you, time will tell. in case you like women great! Like some boys too? thats nice too. merely date who you hit upon beautiful and exciting, in spite of intercourse, has a tendency to be greater handy. heavily, do not think of roughly it too lots. you will spend many hours frightened approximately who and what you will be able to desire to be, and for what? stable success. Be trustworthy with your self, and no count what your gonna be nice :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you sound straight.

    Infact everything you have described makes me wonder how you would even question your sexuality. You are obviously only really interested in guys. You mostly look at girls with jelousy and your only female crush was on a teacher so was probably more of an admiration than a real crush.

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    Well nobody can be a judge of your sexuality except you. But it is normal to be a female and see a female on tv and get turned on. It really could just be the sexuality of the female and just the sexual thoughts it brings up that gets you all worked up. We're humans and we're attracted to sex, sometimes no matter who you see doing it. So you are definantly in the normal range of sexual urges. I wouldn't worry!

    Good luck on staying a virgin until marriage...more young adults need to be responsible like you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    many girls feel this way and get crushes on girls when their young.

    Though your situation is a little bit different. This is because you still feel this way as teen. And you are acctually sexualy attracted to girls not just crushing.

    Dont feel bad! everybody fights with this question especially girls!

    I think there is a high chance your bisexual.

    But most teens dont know they only can guess, this is because we havent fallen in love yet.

    if you keep feeling so confused talk to someone you trust and love!

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a guy, but I think you're basically straight. And yes, it's probably normal to be a little confused about your sexual feelings. It's something teenagers have to go through, both boys and girls.

  • 1 decade ago

    You're human. Many people go through what you're going's just a part of life. Don't focus on their sex, view them as a person and not a label. Things will work out eventually.

    Source(s): I've been there.
  • Zach S
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    1 decade ago

    u seem straight. What you did in fourth grade doesnt matter. You could just think your teacher was 'cool' or something. U do really sound straight.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think that the fact that u kissed a boy and liked it makes u gay i might be wrong but u stare at girls cuz ur jealous that they get the guys and not u? hope i was of help

  • 1 decade ago

    It was never a question for me. I'm straight. Best wishes.

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