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bad neighborhood?

why do most bad neighborhoods alawys have railroads i was just wunder cuz i notice most of them do

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    What? I don't think this is true. There are quite a few "bad" neighborhoods that are nowhere near any railroad tracks. For instance, large areas of the West side are considered "bad" and there are no railroad tracks anywhere near them. A better questions is why do most bad neighborhoods always have a lack of basic city services (potholes fixed, regular garbage pick up, regular street cleaning, routine police patrols, etc.). You'll see cops actually walking a beat in the "good" neighborhoods (saying hi to the shop owners, etc.), but the places the cops NEED to walk the street (in the "bad" neighborhoods), you NEVER see them doing that. And while the "good" neighborhoods have regular street cleaning, there are "bad" neighborhoods with the same trash sitting in the same gutter for months, without a street sweeper in sight. Why doesn't anyone ask why that is the way it is?

    Sorry, I went off on a tangent but the reason why bad neighborhoods are "bad" isn't always because the of people that live there.

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    I cant really think of many neighborhoods that have trains going through them. I know Pilsen has a few tracks but they don't get used. The stock yards on 43rd S. Ashland has tracks through it. All the "bad" neighborhoods I can think of on the South side as far as the south side goes and cant think of any tracks. There is a track going along 55th S. St. louis, that neighborhood does have high crime. Ohh well. Have fun.

  • I really don't know. I visit my family in the West and South sides of Chicago and I have noticed that the monorails go above peoples yards and in between houses. THAT'S DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!! A train might fallinto a house or something. But the government in Chicago right now only cares about the rich people.

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    Of course you know the answers to all of the above questions. It's just that no one wants to say it. Thats typical of Northern hypocracy. The answer is racism....Chicago is the most racist city in America.

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    Thats good that you noticed that.. The reality is that i don´t really know. But hope you find your answer.

    Take care..


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    No idea but your right, weird huh

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    LOL....thats sooo true, not sure why either???

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