dell printer?

can i connect my hp computer to a dell printer?

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    I have a Dell computer connected to an HP printer, so I'm sure it would work the other way around. You just need to install the software disk that comes with the printer, or try to download from Dell web site, if you don't have the disk.

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    Yes, you can. Basically, all computer hardware is interchangeable. If you wanted to, you could have an HP computer with a Gateway monitor with a Dell printer with a Logitech keyboard and mouse.

    I may mention, however, that Dell printers are very unpopular. Ink basically has to be bought online. Also, Dell printers are made by Lexmark and are expensive on ink. I would go with an HP printer if you have the money.

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    dell printer is the facility is the service for dell client and is the dell Photosmart C3180 (cartridges are $17 each) or the C4180 if you do photos. I own the C5180 and it's better on ink than any printer I've ever had ($36 for a set of 6 ink cartridges and inludes 150 sheets of 4x6 photo paper), however the C5180 costs around $170.

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    sure you can,can you connect the wire from printer to comp.

    next thing you do have a setup disc that came with the printer,

    if not you will have to go into printers&faxes and add it manually, follow directions carefully do not skip any steps

    whether you use a setup cd or do it should be ok

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    Sure you can (just load the drivers) !!

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