what colors(makeup) look good on a brunnette with brown eyes?

hey. i dont wear any eyeshadow, but i wanted to know is there anycolors, or makeup tips that would look great with a brunette with brown eyes. Im 14, so i dont wear tons of makeup!

thank you for all your help!!

P.S.. what eyeliner would look good too?

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    Navy blues, deep eggplants and plums, golds, bronzes, deep khaki green and black eyeshadow and eyeliner would look good on you. And try Nars lip gloss and bluss in orgasm ( alight peachy pink) and guerlin terracotta bronzer. :D Don't try to pull off browns, they don't complement those with brown eyes. And don't wear overly bright colors or white on you're eyes, they can look garish.

    And click the links below, they'll show you exactly what products celebs use to achieve a certain look, I picked celebs that have brown hair and brown eyes, like you.-------




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    you should use the opposite color of your eye meaning that brown eyes look good in purples, light greens and pinks to make your eye really "pop" you should never wear anything that mathces your eyes color -meaning no browns for you :) b/c it will blend in with your eyes you can wear mathcing eyeliner or a really soft brown and always black mascara if you have lighter eye lashes than just a soft black.. hope this helps... oh and remember less is more! don't over do it and look like a clown

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    1 decade ago

    Browns and golds look great on people with brown hair and brown eyes. Brown mascara and brown or gold eyeliner would look great! It sounds kind of boring, but it's good for every day makeup. Brown-eyed girls are lucky...all colors look good on brown eyes, but purples, greens, and pinks will compliment them the most if you want to add some color to your look. I would go for a rosy pink/peach cheek (it's very summery, but gives you a nice glow year-round) and a sheer pink gloss. Good luck!

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    Eye colors:

    Liner/Mascara: brown-black, or black, depending on shade of hair and eyebrows

    Shadows/Liners: for brown eyes, try:





    also, try the colors of any color specks in your eyes

    Accent or highlight for special occasions with:




    Lip/Cheek colors:

    pastel pink



    cherry red



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    1 decade ago

    Use a light shade of purple, a brown mascara and eyeliner it will make your eyes really pop!

  • Liz T
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    1 decade ago

    i use a darkish shade of grey with brown/ black eyeliner

    im brunette brown eyes and 14

    dont use a very dark shade

    just experiment

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    1 decade ago

    I'd say use some bronzer where the sun naturally kisses your face. then apply a thin line of upper eye liner to your lash line on your upper lid. then apply mascara. and a medium pink lip gloss. its a thin natural look that will feel very light but look amazing. :) hope this helped.

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    Plums, browns, and bronzes. Those all make me look great! I like black or dark brown eyeliner. (Brown for a more sultry look and black for everything else!) For mascara try black, I don't like brown because it makes me look like I don't have lashes because it blends with my skin (I'm generally tan) and my eyes! Hope I could help, and goodluck! =D

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    Purple. I have the Almay color collection for dark brown eyes. If you don't want to do color use natural shades of brown.

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    1 decade ago

    i have the same look so here is what i would use


    eye shadow. a cream color base with a deep purple top coat

    dark brown eyeliner

    black mascara

    lips http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P16...

    a rosy blush

    and youre good to go!

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