home made candles with scents?

How do you make homemade candels with scents?

I was flipping trhough a Christmas catalog and they had candles in coffee mugs. I thought this would be a great project to do at home, just not sure how to go about it.


Oh! I also need to know how to make candles. Do you just melt the wax stuff somehow?

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    You might find the info you're looking for here: http://www.myartsandcrafts.com/article133.htm

    Also remember to use a double boiler when melting your wax. You can buy one or make one yourself as another poster mentioned. You need it to control the temperature of the wax so you don't accidentally ignite it.

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    Well, you would need to take a run down to the local craft store, like michaels, and buy wicks and fragrance. Wax as well, but you can always use old candles or crayons for color. Set up a double boiler, which is a pan with boiling water and on top, another pan or glass/metal bowl. You put your wax in the top pan and let it melt. If you used old candles, you would remove all the old wicks once melted.. At this point you would add crayons for color and add fragrance if desired. Then you would put the new wicks in your mugs(i recommend using some melted was as glue to hold the wick on the bottom), and pour the wax on in. Then, let it harden. You can put them in the fridge if you want. Enjoy!!!

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    what variety do you choose? considering the fact which you additionally could make it colored and scented.properly the finest possible be an ice candle, what you do is yet wax scented or ordinary(attempt a candle place for wax and scents and color) then take a pot, placed canning rings(wal-mart ask for help) contained in the backside and upload water til the pot is a few million/2 finished then take an excellent empty can(sparkling spaghetti sauce can) upload wax and fragrance/s, warmth til melted(med warmth) now mutually as wax is heating take a sparkling field(milk carton)open the appropriate thoroughly take a wick it is going to comprise a steel ingredient on the top(craft save)put in the backside of the field,then take ice and loosely fill around wick as much as approximately an inch from appropriate.after wax is carefully melted intently pour wax in field, enable cool for variety of two hour or until eventually that's not ordinary and funky, then over a sink tear off the field trim the wick some cementer from candle and there you have it,your guy or woman handcrafted ice candle.

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    in the candle isle of like walmart or so, there are the little bottles of fragrances and you just pour however much amount youd like into the candle mix ad viola. you have a scented candle.

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    try this site:


    it has everything from basic candle making to cupcake candles!

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