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Why does everyone think the weather in New Mexico is great?

I am dying here from the heat, its killing me! I feel like Im suffocating when I go outside. Also my hair and skin is sooo dry...why do people like it here so much?

The winter is ok, it doesnt get that cold compared to other places.

The few times it does rain, its like a monsoon. You can barely see on the road and the dirt flys everywhere...

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    I suspect you live in the southern portion of New Mexico and would guess it is either Deming or Las Cruces. I lived south of Las Cruces towards El Paso for 14 years and thought the weather was pretty good. My chief complaint was the sand blast season in the spring although the summer of 1994 was very uncomfortable with it's record heat with several weeks of temperature well over 100 degrees and setting an all time record of 114 degrees in El Paso. That was before I installed refrigerated AC in my home. Every place has its good points and bad points with weather. In the case of southern New Mexico. The winters as you mentioned are extremely pleasant with only a rare snowfall that quickly melts. And when it does snow...the mountains are really beautiful. Speaking of the mountains, do you ever spend time in them on those hot days of summer? Temperatures when you get above 8000 feet are very pleasant compared to the desert floor. I spent a lot of time on my days off in the summer in Silver City or the Gila Wilderness area or Cloudcroft. Very pleasant just keep a bottle of water handy, as you said it is dry. As for the dry skin, use a good moisturizer. I had to buy the stuff by the gallon when I first moved there.

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    I think you're probably referring to the fact that people always say it's best to live in New Mexico if you want to avoid a natural disaster. Of all the U.S., southern New Mexico has one of the lowest probabilities of a natural disaster occuring. No volcanoes, very very low occurence of tornadoes, no chance at a hurricane, and a very low chance of an earthquake with virtually no present day chance at a major earthquake.

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    I'm with you. When I went to the SW everyone said 'yeah, but it's dry heat and you don't feel it as much" But I felt it. I'll take New England where it gets hot, but not too hot, cold, but snow is beautiful, cool and warm, and it rains when it feels like it to keep all the trees green.

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    ok, no offence, but New Mexico City is disgusting, the smell,pollution, sweaty ppl all around, Mexico is better

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