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Can someone transcribe what these Swedish women are singing?

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I need a transcription of what they are saying in Swedish. I know what it basically translates to, but if I could have the actual Swedish words to follow along with I would really appreciate it.


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    "... När lusten faller på

    jag hatar dej du jävla man,

    du tror du vet, du tror du kan

    allt om kvinnor, allt om våra liv

    men du vet inget så ta ett jävla kliv,


    snubbe, gubbe jävla man,

    det är bäst du börjar springa

    för här ser du en kvinna,

    som hatar dej så mycket,

    vi ska slita dej i stycken."

    The video clip is a short version of the "rant(?)". If you're interested in the full lyrics you can go to this page:

    I've put the "..." where the text is missing.

    I loathe haters like this, it's been two years and they still make me feel nauseous. If the word had been Jew and not man we would never have let them get away with it. If it had been men saying woman instead of man they would have been publicly lynched, but when women do it it's somehow "OK"?

    ABBA, IKEA and then this ... sometimes I hesitate to admit that I'm a Swede.

    Source(s): I'm Swedish.
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    "I like it from behind, especially when it's cold."

    Or something to that effect?

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