What social/ politic ties are between a Rialto, Ca, city commissioner and a Fontana Superior ct. commissioner?

Looking for possible veheicl or channel these to seperate commissionaries may have exposure to one another, or possible over lapping jurasdiction, requiring interact. Whats common to the two positions, resulting from proxcitmity to each other, or political events that may require both entities congragateing. Who appoints city commissioners in Rialto Ca. and is it the same entity that appoints Superior Ct commissioners in Fontana Ca. ? Can anyone help with info or direction ?

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  • John S
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    1 decade ago
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    Members of city boards and commissions are appointed either by the city council or the mayor (or city manager or city administrator, depending upon the system). Court commissioners are employed by the court, which is a county-wide agency, not just for a city, and they are hired by the judges of that court. There is really nothing the two have in common, and their duties would not overlap.

    Source(s): 30+ years as a criminal defense attorney
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