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"Made in China" products???

The world is talking about "Made in China" products the last few months....from food to toys to clothes recently!! Now, is there ANY ONE product that is not tainted or harmful to human beings???

I am a Chinese and very embarrassed and humiliated to know that MY COUNTRY is infamous for all these harmful products. China pride itself for churning out millions of products for the world market at a low cost but now losing it's reputations in the process due to some unscruplous businessmen.

The Government is partly to be blamed for this problem too. Tell me, how are the foreigners reacting to this? Avoiding anything "Made in China"? Even those that are not banned??

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    Yes, the Chinese Government is to be blamed for not being strict with the safety regulations. I am avoiding anything that is "Made in China" the best I can, especially now with the latest report in New Zealand about children clothing being tainted. Can you imagine that Formaldehyde, a chemical used to give a permanent press effect to clothes contained 500 times higher than permitted by WHO?? China is killing children world-wide!!

    As for Ian's are really funny and shall I say, very frank and direct indeed. Ha ha ha.

    Source(s): Lived in China for years.
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    Here's the problem most Americans fail to notice. Take a car said to be made in Detroit,sounds like the thing to do right". Then when you dig into where the parts come from it is basically more foreign than American as it's final assembly was here but most of what it took to put that car together came from places around the globe. Even some of our food is now coming from plants in other countries. You know times were hard for the horse and buggy trade when the automobile took over and i'm certain that those who failed to adapt lived the rest of there lives a little bitter; and blamed the Government.Well were going through the adaption period into the Global market. One last comment and that is,we became the top gun in the world because of agriculture and WAR. We became the worlds best farmers and makers of weapons of War. We only ruled the automobile market because War had held our competitors back due to there production was geared towards defense not consumerism. Now they have used our knowledge, and improved on it without union interference just as our agriculture is beginning to lag because of environmentalist. Not that either is totally bad but to much of any thing is usually not always good. So don't blame Walmart for being China's number one customer but your neighbor's an friends and your very own family for shopping Walmart and buying there Chinese goods.

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    I'm Chinese myself, and currently living in Shanghai at the moment - I'm actually surprised that it took Americans so long to find that the quality of Made In China goods are sub-par.

    Every day in Shanghai there are prime time news stories about people dying in China from some sort of quality issues or other - radioative composite marble used in home renovation, toxic chemicals found in cured hams, pesticides found in children's clothing... and since China is such a big exporter, I did at one point wonder if anything exported to the States were as jacked up as the stuff they let on the market in China. And lo and behold - the world actually caught on!

    My friends and colleagues in New York are not concerned - they said, "if they're catching on, then there are more regulations now than ever so the stuff put out in the next few years should be better than ever". I certainly hope their logic is true, and hopefully, they'll tighten the reins for their locally distributed products too!

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    We know this. Even chinese people are suffering from this.

    As a foreigner, to be honest, just because of the reputation and not being able to over control it, if I see: Made in China, I will not take that product because if I want to buy something, I want to make sure that it's original and it's a good quality. (although I have to now because I live here) Only your government can control this, by putting a high weightage to the quality control, but to be honest, even then, people who visited China and they don't believe everything what the "officials" say on the media, they know that China's corruption level is high. Personally, even if there will be a confirmation from the president of China himself, I still wont' be 100% sure that all the restrictions are made, at every level in China's industry.

    I think your country has many many things to proove to gain the trust back for chinese quality and products.

    Ian, very true comment.

    Source(s): I live in China for long time now.
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    In the UK every product that you see is made in China (Not cars). This means everything that I have bought is Chinese. People say they are cheap but I have not even seen a Chinese product that is cheap. I think that the Chinese goverment must be too careful.

    However, I have to say that the things that Chinese make for decorations are very beautiful. I always tell my mum that Asians are real artist no matter which country in Asia they are from.

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    You should not be ashamed as much as American corporations and retailers should be ashamed. If anyone is to blame it is Wal-Mart. They are the ones that have pushed manufacturers of all products to figure out ways to make things as cheaply as possible. So don't cry my Asian sister or brother. It is not your fault that your manufacturing companies are cutting corners to fulfill the dream of Wal-Mart to get everything at rock bottom prices which make companies like Mattel contract with Lu Wang's Lead Based Toy Facility. What do you expect? What America needs to do is take back manufacturing and start making things right. Sure it might cost a little more but that will just mean that more people in American manufacturing jobs will be getting paid more so it all will work out.

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    China wants and hope to be a world leader someday. To take over America and the world, they said. Now with the "Made in China" scare, do they stand a chance?? Because of $$$$$$$$, the Chinese people, including the corrupted Government CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

    Make the world a safer place before taking over the other great nations. China, make your own country and your own people safe from tainted products first before anything else.

    Hey Ian C, I like your great answer regarding the Chinese women. How true!!

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    I learned from about a family who wrote a book about "Made in China" and living a year without using products from that country. It inspired me to do a personal boycott of "Made in China" because my new grandchild needs a world untainted by lead in the landfills let alone in her toys.

    I am sure the government will get it cleaned up. At least I hope it does. But for now, I will boycott them and any other country producing dangerous and damaging products.

    Already, I have found several items that I can not find made anywhere else.

    I also am boycotting diamonds as their gathering is so damaging to the environment and to the surrounding peoples.

    You might ask what I wont boycott? Ask in 6 months and I will have a list.

    You see, I am not very materialistic and don't like to own a lot of stuff because I learned early on that eventually your stuff will own you if you have too much. I like the small carbon foot print I leave behind.

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    I've always tried to avoid using "made in china" products. It has always been known that the products made from china are cheap and not very healthy to have around. Chinese always cut corners and are never realiable. The world will just stop trusting china to be a reliable source unless they change their disgusting ways.

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    I am Chinese too, but I am not embarrassed, because the government is trying to put a stop to it, and most people aren't worried about it, just watch the news! Most toy makers still want to have products made in China. As I am visiting China again, I am watching the news every day and most people aren't worried. You shouldn't be embarrassed.

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