Windows XP?

Is it possible to do a complete system restore (not restoring to an earlier date) with Windows XP, if you don't have the original CD? If


Geek...did you READ the question, I don't want to restore to an earlier date, I want a COMPLETE SYTEM RESTORE

Update 2:

The Computer is question is an HP laptop

Update 3:

I am having issues with a constant pop up from the toolbar at the bottom that says "warning" and some crap about viruses and clicking on it to download something to make them go away. I have done everything I can think of to make it go away, I believe it is a virus, but I don't have an antivirus program, or the $50 required to buy one. The antivirus that came on the computer expired last september.

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    free virus protection:


    spybot search & destroy &


    Ad-Ware 2007 malware

    ZoneAlarm firewall from go to freeware section

    just make sure all updates are done, and run these program, do a disk clean, and reboot you shouldn't need to reformat.

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    Think you r talking about Freshly Installing the WinXP. (Don't use the word Restore it's totally different).

    But if you are thinking about reinstalling WinXP just because of the virus It's not the right solution. If you use Internet without anti virus definitely there is a risk of inviting viruses again. So you better equip your self with antivirus. You can go for any free antivirus available like AVG ( or CA Anti virus( Avast etc.

    To remove the virus that is always popping up from ur task bar.Follow these instructions

    Note the message that the popup is showing.

    there will be mention of the virus probably shown as some antivirus ..

    Go to and type the message u get. I'm sure definitely u will get the solution there.

    If you can't do that Just tell the message that is popping up. I'll assist you... contact me at

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    Why do u want to restore your XP? What went wrong? When u mean restoring XP completely it means a lot of things. U can restore some of XP's vital parts like the registry without an XP cd. I can't remember the site but I had some good stuff on restoring the registry without a XP CD. System files will be restored by a system restore upto a certain extent. This extent depends on how much u have allocated for Sys Restore and also ur drive space. Therefore don't expect a total restoration of XP without a XP CD. Hope this gives u some guidance.

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    It depends on what computer you have. Some manufacturers (Dell for one) put a "system restore" partition on the hard drive. It's purpose is to do just what you are wanting.

    Go to My Computer | Manage | Disk management

    If there's a small partition (without a drive letter), then most likely this is the restore partition. If you have one, look for a system restoration utility (with Dell or Gateway or Toshiba ... branding) and use it to do a system restore.

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    You did not mention the brand name. If you have a fairly recent branded pc, it may have come with backup preinstalled; you can actually do a 'factory reset' during startup process.

    If you still can go to Windows, then you can use the provided tool - something like PC System Recovery for HP computer.

    Otherwise, you may be able to purchase the Recovery discs from the manufacturer for a minimal cost.

    Warning - you will lose all your data if you do a system recovery

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    You surely can do that however you should set a restore point on the computer you can do this by clicking on Start----programs---accessories----system tools----system restore---set a date for the restore point

    You should be all set


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    You cannot do it without the cd.

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