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Where can catch ,






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  • Athrun
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    Is it 386?Please which language is your game?

    Otherwise, many of them cannot be caught unless you have been to Japan?

    2007-08-23 11:35:14 補充:

    Also, please state the number of the pokemon as I am playing Japanese Version.I have not played English Version.Please state which language does your game use.Latios/Latias/Regice/rock/Steel You can catch them even you have normal version.

    2007-08-23 11:47:24 補充:

    For Regice/rock/Steel紅藍http://groups.msn.com/p983335/page26.msnwEmeraldht...

    2007-08-23 11:47:34 補充:

    For Latios/LatiasVery Easy: After you have cleared the game, you will answer one question.If you choose Red, you will get the sister, Latias.If you choose Blue, you will get the brother, Latios

    2007-08-23 15:43:00 補充:

    P.S. You have to meet them at random in world map

    2007-08-23 18:19:56 補充:

    I said the every language in 386 is different. Have you played 386?If it is normal version, it is not matter.Please state if you are playing 386 or not

    2007-08-23 18:21:03 補充:

    下次別用英文問! I do not know pokemon in English

    2007-08-23 18:22:57 補充:

    下面那個給錯珍珠和鑽石的攻略.Please give Emerald!

    2007-08-27 18:10:38 補充:

    I said only 2

    2007-08-27 18:11:16 補充:

    3,4 the above method. I had given the method.

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    2007-08-23 17:06:51 補充:

    2,3,4 need to send from pokemon red

    2007-08-23 17:11:27 補充:

    but i dont know one thing. what is Kyroge?

    2007-08-23 17:13:58 補充:


    2007-08-23 17:17:49 補充:

    language is not affect you can or not catch pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2007-08-24 12:00:27 補充:

    sorry!我看錯了.請不要理補充部份,但我個網有Emerald 攻略.

    2007-08-24 12:02:52 補充:


    2007-08-26 16:33:27 補充:

    3,4 don't need to meet them at random in world map

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