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我想問High School Musical 2 結局係點ar?

我想問High School Musical 2 結局係點ar?Troy同Gabriella發展成點?

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    The clock outside of East High reads 3:06. It's nearing the end of the school day and the school year. The camera moves through various empty places in East High: the cafeteria, the gymnasium, the auditorium. One place that is not empty is the drama class. Inside, the pompous Ms. Darbus is pedantically droning on about summer, as the clock behind her seems to loom larger and larger. As if to speed things up the students break into "What Time Is It?" all about their expectations for the coming three months.

    Outside in the hallways the talk is much more grounded. All of the Wildcats are concerned about landing a summer job amidst talk of their other plans. Chad needs to save for a car to take Taylor out. Troy has "gotta make bank" so that he can help pay for his upcoming college education. Meanwhile Sharpay expresses false remorse to Gabriella, anticipating that Gabs will be moving as she's evidently done every summer for the last five years. Gabriella assures Sharpay that she needn't worry as she's staying at East High until graduation. Sharpay is flustered by the news that her competition will still be hanging around.

    At her locker Gabriella is joined by Troy, who announces himself as her summer activity coordinator. Getting serious, he turns her around and gives her a necklace with a "T," for Troy. They almost kiss but are interrupted by a kid who wants his yearbook signed, then by Chad, who calls Troy away to play basketball.

    Sharpay informs Kelsi she has a job for her as the rehearsal pianist at the Lava Springs Resort; one that Kelsi reluctantly agrees to. When her brother Ryan arrives, Sharpay also discusses the compatibility of the most popular boy in school, Troy, with herself. She obviously has designs on Troy and is scheming to win him over............


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    結局係Troy 同 Gabriella 一齊,



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