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1.what does 'radical" in Chemistry mean?? Is this term still be used??

2. Formulae of ionic compound are usually same as their empirical formulae since ionic compounds don't consist of dicrete molecular units.

What does "discrete molecular uits" mean??

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    1. Radicals / free radicals in Chemistry mean atomic or molecular species with unpaired electrons. They are usually highly reactive and likely to take part in chemical reactions.

    For example, Chlorine gas, consisting of Cl2 molecules can be broken down by ultra violet radiation into atomic Chlorine (electronic configuration: 2,8,7), which is a radical with one unpaired electron in its outmost electron shell.

    2. Ionic compounds don't consist of discrete molecular units means that they don't exist as individual molecules. Ions in ionic compounds are bonded by non-directional electrostatic force and exist as a giant lattice structure instead of individual molecules.

    For example, Sodium Chlorine (NaCl) consists of numerous Na+ and Cl- ions bonded together in a lattice structure instead of having individual NaCl molecule with 1 Na+ and 1 Cl- ion bonded together.

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    typo, NaCl should be Sodium ChloriDE

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