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    不好意思 我直接貼UCSD網站的東西上來 看看是不是這個 我找到最像的!

    首先 您很識貨喔 UCSD 我有有朋友曾在那兒 當地環境好 天氣佳高級住宅區說! 且學校崛起快 現在是全美前三十優的學校 生物 生醫 經濟...等都好得不得了 我曾讀過一份報告說 在全美公立大學中 他的師資實力獨占鰲頭.


    我在授予學位的課程沒瞧見 但在進修課程中到有蠻多類似! 似乎沒完全符合你的需求. 最下面是我貼來的 你參考.

    我知道 UC San Francisco,在這醫學方面一直強得不得了! 我有親人讀UCLA醫學 聽說他的醫管也很好! 下列是UC 有關這方面的網站.

    Healthcare Organizations, Leadership of — M.A.S. 這些好像是給從業人士!

    The UCSD Department of Family and Preventive Medicine in the School of Medicine, supported by the UCSD Division of Extended Studies and Public Programs, offers a Master of Advanced Studies in the Leadership of Healthcare Organizations. The program is designed for individuals across all healthcare fields and clinical or administrative professions, including medicine, nursing, mental health, dentistry, insurance, and the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries. The goal of the program is to prepare healthcare professionals to exert greater influence over the business decisions that determine the ways patients receive care with a focus on improving clinical processes. Courses are typically held in the late afternoon, evenings, and weekends for the convenience of the working professional.

    Contact Information:

    (858) 964-1017

    Medical Scientist Training Program — M.D ./ Ph.D.

    This dual degree program (M.D ./ Ph.D.) is designed to provide clinical and research training to students who are strongly motivated toward a career in biomedicine and medical sciences. A student may obtain a Ph.D. and M.D. through this program, which is offered jointly by the School of Medicine and the graduate programs in the health sciences.

    Contact Information:

    (858) 534-0689 or (800) 925-8704

    Source(s): UC網站 +自己經驗
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